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SEO AtlantaThese days, in order for Atlanta businesses to successfully compete online in a cost-efficient manner, online marketing techniques must be utilized effectively and to their fullest advantage. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Atlanta is the most reliable means of increasing online visibility with higher search engine rankings, subsequently increasing website traffic and resulting in a higher ROI.

What exactly is SEO and how can it be used on my website?

Simply put, SEO is an online marketing technique that utilizes relevant keywords in your website content to improve your rankings in organic search engine results. High search engine rankings means that your target market finds your website first, ahead of your competitors. Professional Atlanta SEO enables small business to easily compete with large, nationwide corporations and level the playing field.

For Search Engine Optimization in Atlanta that works, businesses trust the SEO specialists at Active Web Group, a full service web marketing firm. The SEO experts at Active Web Group’s Atlanta office possess ample experience in keyword relevancy and the creation of rich, informative content, as well as specialized knowledge of the complex algorithms search engines like Google utilize to determine the effectiveness and relevancy of a website’s content.

Do I really need a professional SEO firm in Atlanta? Can’t I do it myself?

The latest web marketing studies show that most Atlanta businesses that try Search Engine Optimization without the consultation and skill of a professional web marketing firm frequently see little or no enhancement, and usually discard their SEO campaign. With extensive knowledge of advanced SEO techniques, both on and off the page, Active Web Group knows that SEO isn’t just about keyword rich content—it also involves metadata, page titles, image labels, inbound link building, and other strategies that when utilized together, form a cohesive, effective SEO marketing plan.

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