Digital Asset Optimization

The Future of SEO!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven Internet Marketing solution that enables websites to garner high placement in organic search results on major search engines. When done properly, an SEO campaign can yield significantly high benefits. However, with so many competitors also utilizing SEO to its maximum potential, and occasionally retooling their SEO content in order to maintain their own edge and high placement, other solutions may be needed.

Digital Asset Optimization is the next progression of SEO

Digital Asset Optimization is an advanced, intensive approach to SEO that focuses not just on website content, but also on every aspect of your website that might benefit from attached keyword promotion capabilities. Digital Asset Optimization includes the titling in images, videos, audio clips, and even specific file formats and downloadable documents. If your website contains any of these types of media, referred to as digital assets, then it can certainly benefit from Active Web Group Digital Asset Optimization services.

Converting text content to SEO rich content can be challenging enough, especially for large websites. Digital Asset Optimization is an entirely different manner, and can be difficult, time-consuming, and tedious. That’s why Active Web Group offers a digital asset management program that can effectively optimize all the digital assets contained on your website and leverage them in order to maximize promotion capabilities and increase online visibility through targeted, optimized search engine results.

Even digital assets hosted on other sites can benefit from our digital asset management program. For example, Facebook content and images, YouTube videos, and microsites containing screenshots, articles, downloadable content and PDFs, and more can all take advantage of Digital Asset Optimization. If you only have a small amount of material that may be considered digital assets, Active Web Group can effectively utilize those assets in new and creative ways that will improve your marketing and promotion and garner more website traffic.

To see how Digital Asset Optimization might be utilized to attract potential customers and increase sales, as well as improve online searchability and visibility, contact Active Web Group to discuss a digital asset management program.