Affiliate Marketing Management

What is affiliate marketing and is it a good fit for your business? As a leading digital agency, the marketing pros at Active Web Group assess every client and prospect to determine the best course of action required to assist them to achieve their online business goals. For certain businesses, Affiliate Marketing can be an ideal vehicle for increasing their sales and revenue. We offer our Affiliate Marketing Services to retailers who allow selected vendors to market their products and to direct qualified web traffic to their site. If the traffic converts, the affiliate receives a percentage of that sale. The affiliate drives traffic via hyperlinks to the client’s website. These links contain code that allows marketers to track their prospects’ site journey and record any sale that results from the visit.


Active Web Group’s Affiliate Marketing campaigns have assisted many of our clients to extend their sales initiatives into new territory, attract new business, and increase conversions to boost their ROI. However, successful Affiliate Marketing efforts must be continuous. Also, much like SEO’s organic strategy, your customized Affiliate program requires time and effort to develop and maintain. For some clients to achieve their goals for their online enterprises more quickly, we may recommend combining an affiliate campaign with other digital marketing methods in supportive roles.

Active Web Group provides responsible Affiliate Marketing Management. We have the experience and the commitment to develop and maintain the best affiliate marketing relationships for your business. For a no-cost affiliate marketing services assessment or to learn more about any of Active Web Group’s professional services, please call us at (800) 978-3417.