Affiliate Marketing Management

B2B and B2C retailers are constantly searching for new ways to boost top-line sales and affiliate marketing services have become a very successful channel to that end. The affiliate marketing model is, on the surface, a simple concept, but companies are finding that using affiliate marketing management is necessary for creating and launching a successful affiliate program. There are four main elements that need to be managed in an affiliate program: creative, affiliate recruitment, monitoring, and reporting.

The creative piece of an affiliate campaign is what is utilized to drive shares. There are a variety of banner ad orientations and dimensions that permit publishers to select good fits for the feel of their sales efforts. Square buttons, hero banners, skyscrapers, and text links all offer the flexibility to accommodate publishers’ sales efforts. Good creative, be it lifestyle or product ads, can facilitate successful sales for the variety of publishers an affiliate marketing service should be pursuing.

The affiliates themselves must be properly vetted. As many affiliates market in a variety of ways, an understanding of how they will be looking to generate sales is vital to ensure that their efforts do not undermine other marketing channels in an online program. As many companies already have Google Ads programs in place, enlisting affiliates who utilize this same sales channel results in counterintuitive efforts and reduced ROI. Professional affiliate marketing services are cognitive of this potential pitfall and should vet out publishers that could potentially undermine other internal marketing efforts. With this in mind, as affiliate marketing publishers can change their strategies, it is important to have a clear understanding of existing channels other than affiliate marketing and constantly be monitoring publishers that are not adhering to the sales efforts represented by their profiles when they are brought on as an affiliate publisher.

Most quality programs have extensive reporting options in place. Professional affiliate marketing services will understand the actionable reporting matrices and interact with their clients to pursue increased revenue. Having a clear picture of quality affiliates, what they are selling, how they are selling, and what they need to sell more are the responsibility of a good affiliate marketing management partner.

The affiliate marketing platform can garner significant revenue. Utilizing Active Web Group’s professional affiliate marketing management team can shorten the timeline to sales and be a great addition to a successful online marketing strategy. To discuss Active Web Group’s affiliate marketing services, contact us at (800) 978-3417.