Affiliate marketing is a performance-based online strategy for the promotion of other’s products. The process concerns an agreement relative to product selection and its subsequent promotion to earn a portion of the profit or commission for each sale made through these channels. For companies this means giving a reward for every site visitor or customer achieved by the affiliate’s efforts. There are four roles in this process: The Retailer or Merchant, the Network that contains offers for the affiliate to select and also controls payment, the Publisher/Affiliate and the Customer.

Banish Affiliate Marketing Myths

It is true that the Affiliate Marketing process has changed due to current search engine formula changes that do not value link building as highly for ranking initiatives. Through judicious affiliate marketing program management however, results are still possible and the process is still very relevant to select businesses. Affiliate Marketing is relationship – driven. Active Web Group knows that achieving deliverables depends on locating and allying with the right affiliates of any size to drive desired results.

Responsible Affiliate Marketing Services Assessment

Affiliate Marketing initiatives may not be an effective solution for some products and businesses. The program is relationship-reliant and takes time and effort to achieve and maintain. For others, a combination of other internet marketing methods may be combined in supportive roles to achieve the client’s online business goals. Active Web Group provides responsible Affiliate Marketing Management. We have the experience and the commitment to differentiate which affiliate marketing services will work best for you and your business. For a no-cost assessment to see if your business is a strong candidate for affiliate marketing services or to learn more about any of Active Web Group’s professional services, please call us at (800) 978-3417.