With the advent of recent changes in our economy, B2B manufacturers and retailers have been forced to dynamically alter their online marketing efforts. There are obviously a number of marketing channels like Google Ads, organic SEO, and social media marketing that have evolved over the years to be important elements of a successful online marketing strategy but there is one mature channel that is proving itself to be invaluable and that is B2B email marketing. Granted, it has been part of most online strategies but there are unique ways to drive visitors and revenues when this old-school tool is implemented with precision. Mastering the art of B2B email involves several key elements such as list management, subject line/technical configuration, delivery effectiveness, and actionable reporting. Having the right team in place can reap great rewards by using this proven online marketing strategy.

ISP’s have become increasingly sophisticated to avoid the plague of SPAMMERS so it is vital to have B2B email marketing execution be technically correct. Setting configurations like SPF and avoiding common subject line red flags will go a long way in getting legitimate emails into inboxes. Once in, marketers should use best practices so open rates aren’t negatively affected. A blend of quality, timely content sprinkled with value-added offers is generally a good strategy to ensure good opens and avoiding SPAM complaints. As with any quality B2B email marketing program, constant A/B testing is advisable to maximize effectiveness.

Using a proven partner for B2B email marketing is a great way to increase revenue and avoid the inherent systemic pitfalls. The professional team at Active Web Group has been successfully navigating the ever-changing waters of email marketing for over 20 years. You are invited to contact them to see how their team of email specialists can assist you in creating a powerful B2B email marketing campaign strategy