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What You Need To Know About the AdWords Update

June 16th, 2016

Google Adwords Update

Google has announced some major updates for AdWords that they expect to take effect later this year. Designed towards mobile, early testing from Google has suggested up to a 20% increase in clickthrough rates for some advertisers in the near future. This will have a significant impact on how brands decide to customize digital ad spend.

What has changed?

The update was designed to better suit what Google calls a “mobile-first world”. Tailoring its new rules to better conform to digital advertising on mobile devices, AdWords has changed and brands have to adapt accordingly. As a result, AdWords will optimize screen sizes to fit the most popular smart phones and have new expanded text ads, which will allow brands to add more product information to their ads.

Additional freedoms have also been made for bidding as brands will be able to set individual bid adjustments for each device type (desktop, mobile, and tablet).

Advertisements from AdWords will now be responsive, meaning new ads will be able to adapt with diverse content all throughout the sites and apps on the Google Display Network.

The three most significant adjustments are as follows:

1. Ads will allow for more prominent headlines

As it stands, one 25-character headline is permitted. The new update will allow for two 30-character headlines

2. More leeway will be added for description lines

Currently two 35-character description lines are given; the new update will consolidate them to one 80-character description line.

3. Relevant Display URLs will be implemented

Right now, the display URL has to be entered manually. While this isn’t entirely pressing, any mismatch between the final display URL and the URL(s) of the landing page(s) will be disapproved altogether. With the new AdWords update, user domains will be automatically extracted from the final URL, removing any chance of human error and promoting more accuracy. The option to customize the URL path will also be made available with the new update.

What does this mean?

With the new update heavily favoring mobile marketers, there will be drastic changes to the way that brands advertise through AdWords – starting with the freedom of customizing ad placement (mobile, tablet, or desktop). With new guidelines surrounding ad copy and display URLs added, brands will adapt and never see and use AdWords the same again.

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