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How to Build Your Brand from Scratch

April 25th, 2017

Whether you are launching a new business, service or product, or rebranding an existing one, it’s important to know where to start. Utilizing the knowledge of Active Web Group’s seasoned professionals, we’ve developed this basic guide to assist in understanding successful branding requirements. Within this guide we’ll outline the best methods, resources and tools necessary to help your brand stand out and gain its fair market share. Solid branding initiatives will not only attract potential new business, but also guide prospects towards purchasing from your company.

In blog post after blog post we’ve mentioned the importance of building and implementing a strategy for your brand. Its success depends on the breadth of marketing and strategic planning knowledge, and the timing of its implementation. It is not a casual undertaking and is best suited to a team of highly experienced professionals with proven track records. This series is intended for business owners and decision-makers who may be considering how to best market their brand. We’ll cover all phases and invite your comments and questions. We’re here to help resolve any issues your brand may be facing. Our goal is always to help you achieve your online business objectives.

How our Blogs can Benefit Your Business

Regardless of your company’s size, age, culture, or industry, effective branding will indeed expand your brand’s reach, increase conversions, and of course, improve the firm’s bottom line.

After reading this series, you’ll have a firm understanding of:

An effective brand is designed to resonate with its intended public, that is, the given demographic(s) your brand elects to target. Another oversight many business owners make is that while the elementary stages of brand-building might seem obvious, they are often overlooked, or not performed correctly. This deceptive simplicity often leads to some business owners to believe that they can create and implement an effective marketing strategy themselves. This error becomes more pronounced as the later, and more critical advanced campaign steps scuttle most homegrown branding initiatives. For example, in a professional targeted branding campaign, major significance is placed upon the details because these provide the subtle cues that consumers can associate with, find interesting, and therefore worth their attention and interest.

Why is it Important to Cater to Your Demographic?

Like the valedictorian or prom queen from one’s high school days, brands take on their own persona! Through hard work, dedication, campaigning and having an identifiable as well as a likeable personality, their respective fan bases grew; and their unique voices were heard. Branding is a similar concept, only instead of appealing to classmates and faculty; a brand’s personality should be tailored to appeal to a carefully selected target audience.

If a successful brand were a person, the intended customers would strive to take part in that brand’s daily activities, message and persona, eager to be best friends with that brand. Therefore, a brand’s message should speak to potential customers. Brands whose messaging t anticipates and delivers what their demographic wants or needs, will be heard, will elicit a response, and will ultimately, be successful..

Consumers don’t choose brands by chance; brands are designed to represent more than just a product. Strong branding is designed to meld with any culture. Depending on the intentions of the brand builders and the social effect of the brand itself, consumers begin to develop associations with certain brands. Consumers need to associate themselves with a product for it to earn their loyalty and their business. Here are some easily recognized brands that create an image that consumers align themselves with:

Nike is designed to appeal to athletes beyond just sports attire and equipment

McDonald’s is designed to appeal to hungry customers beyond just fast food

Mercedes-Benz is designed to appeal to drivers beyond just luxury cars

For each of these examples, there is a strong association between how consumers perceive themselves, and how, and the scale with which each brand caters to, and fulfills consumers’ expectations.

To summarize: A successful brand stirs and emotional response. This is at the core of brand loyalty and why consumers will repeatedly choose one brand over their competitors’ that offer near-identical services.

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Online Reputation Management

May 17th, 2013

Available for over 20 years and popular for over 15, the Internet and specifically its users can be viewed as both innocent and easily manipulated by unscrupulous websites. The myth that information found on the Internet is true is widely believed. In fact, much conjecture and outright opinion passes as fact online. Positive or negative, what we read online we generally take as truth.

Corporate Reputation Management

September 27th, 2012

Corporate reputation management is largely thought to be associated with Fortune 500 companies and the global commerce industry. However, with the age of the Internet upon on us, corporate reputation management is becoming more and more about smaller enterprises. It’s no longer a battle against headline scandals. Smaller online companies that offer computer parts or medical supplies are getting hit with negative press and it is affecting their profits.

Do I Need Online Reputation Management?

October 3rd, 2011

Most people call us for help with web design, or SEO services, or Email Marketing, but occasionally we get a company who is having problems with their brand online, who are in need of Online Reputation Management services.

This particular company has problems in every way you could possibly imagine. First, they had negative press in regards to a certain aspect of their business, so if you Googled their name, it would show in the results. Next, to make it worse, if you started to type into Google the name of their company, let’s call it XYZ widget manufacturing, it would yield results within the Google suggest box, such as SCAM at the end of it or BANKRUPTCY. Now if that wasn’t bad enough, Google also shows related results at the bottom of the first ten results, called Exact Searches related to XYZ widget manufacturing, with more negatives results. So in essence, in this situation, we needed to attack on all three fronts.

We were able to successfully accomplish all of their goals within a short period of time, however depending on your business and regardless of whether the information is factual or not, there are creative ways that you can make the rankings disappear from the first page, and over time help to eliminate some of the search suggestions. While I am sure not going to tell you each specific way to do so, I will tell you this much. One of the first things you want to do if you own a company and have a similar online reputation situation is common sense strategies. For one, make sure that yourself and everyone else at your company is no longer Googling the string of negative characters, as this will only insure to keep the Google Search results related to your negative press.

The question here should not be “Do I need online reputation management?”, it really should be “Am I prepared to have the revenue stream of my business affected by X% and possibly do enough damage that we will never recover”, or should I spend a small amount of monies in the grand scheme of things and insure that the revenue stream of my company is well protected. I believe you all know the answer to that question.

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