How to Take an Active Approach to Website Maintenance

October 6th, 2015

Websites are no longer allowed to be the “online business card” they once were. Instead, a company’s website is a living, breathing reflection of their business, and a poorly maintained website can have just as negative an impact on revenue as a run-down brick-and-mortar store would.

Newest Algorithm Paradigms (Penguin) and the White Hats

August 1st, 2013

Previous Penguin and Panda updates seemed to target those who practice black or gray hat SEO tactics instead of SEO best practices. Its current focus, quality onsite and offsite SEO, particularly backlinks, appear to be penalizing SEO specialists for performing the very processes and procedures that were considered valid for most of the past decade.

But wait a minute! More careful examination of what Google is ‘going after this time’ is really a continuation of what it has been preaching all along: Stop trying to game our system and work on truly natural/organic results. This goal does take time to obtain but here again, only natural SEO will enable its related sites to achieve and to maintain the highest rankings possible. The results are worth the wait.

So the main focus is ‘overdone SEO.’ An onsite example is the over use of a site’s primary keyword in every meta as well as throughout a page’s content. There are rules about usage; Google wants SEO practitioners to follow them. More simply put, if overkill has been your approach to SEO, then you’ll need to scale back.

Another SEO shortcut that is no longer acceptable is to anchor text backlinks. Again the theory had been to use a keyword you were optimizing in the anchor text. While correct in theory, too many SEO Specialists loaded their sites using this strategy. Unfortunately it is only valid if one uses a backlink that is natural to begin with.

Is your head spinning yet? Some still view SEO as something their nephew’s college roommate can perform for them. Still others think Google is ‘out to get them.’ The facts remain that Google has its set of rules and these change when they are misinterpreted and or intentionally misused. One cannot beat nor should try to beat Google at its own game.

Some will view Google’s unannounced paradigm shifts as intrusive and shift their focus entirely on Bing and Yahoo. This is not advisable as Google has and for the foreseeable future will have the lion’s share of searches and searchers of any search engine. And you want quality site traffic, yes? So what is the solution?

Consider an SEO agreement with Active Web Group (AWG). For almost a decade AWG has earned its stellar track record by customizing online initiatives for many diverse industries and companies of all sizes. We will review your business expectations and chart a course that will ensure online success. Should a future algorithm temporarily impact your site, AWG will apply the due diligence necessary to restore its rankings to former levels. Call us today to learn how our customized SEO strategies can benefit you and your business!

PPC Tips For Big Results

August 31st, 2012

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the best ways to get fast, targeted traffic to a website or blog. Whether you’re selling medical supplies or handmade quilts, PPC ads can have your website selling products in under an hour. While there are a lot of advantages to having PPC ads displayed, there are a few factors that can easily dissuade potential customers and your ad ranking in the search engines. Here are a few tips that you must abide by when you are researching and implementing your PPC ad campaigns.

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