Online reviews and press coverage influences the public’s perception.

Through the ages, preserving one’s good name has been paramount. The same concept applies to any digital presence. Your firm’s online reputation is a tangible business asset that must be preserved and protected. However, many online businesses are often faced with lost revenue due to negative content about their firm that appears primarily on social media outlets. Social media sites influence the public; detrimental statements about a firm can influence and deter consumers. How your brand is perceived is vitally important to your firm’s corporate success. Active Web Group offers sound Corporate Reputation Management practices that focus on routing issues unique to online business and to support positive branding initiatives.

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Active Web Group’s Corporate Online Reputation Management specialists understand that negative reviews can have a sweeping impact on an eCommerce site. For example, many top-level executives at online businesses, especially CEOs, do not realize that their names are synonymous with their brand. Negative reviews can impact shareholders’ decisions as well. We will assess how your brand is currently received and why. Next we take the steps necessary to remediate so your business can regain and retain its good name. Then we will manage, monitor and improve your online business reputation, its social media presence and how your business is perceived on similar channels. Our initiatives utilize important customer interactions and harness them to work in support of your brand and its leaders’ integrity. Active Web Group can facilitate both proactive and reactive reputation management campaigns.

Our proactive campaigns build a solid online foundation that, if threatened, can be shored up and reinforced. Reactive reputation management campaigns require “real time” intervention that is focused and immediate. Regardless of the approach your business requires, head off a potential online threat or perform “damage control” before it destroys your business by turning to Active Web Group for reputation management services that work quickly and effectively.

Client Example #1: A Prominent Real Estate Management Group in the Tri-State

…was ranking for every tenant complaint in each of its communities, regardless if the issue had been resolved. The client came to AWG seeking a solution. Our Corporate Online Reputation Management (CORM) services included a thorough investigation of the problem. We proposed an ongoing campaign with a multi-pronged approach: first to resolve the issue, then to promote the brand’s image outside of its primary website. Active Web Group then created individual review pages for each community as part of this process. These pages soon ranked on the 1st page of Google for apartment and apartment review terms, thereby pushing the negative reviews off the first SERPs pages, beyond the placement generally reviewed by searchers. The client soon realized an increase in prospective tenant inquiries. Additionally, our team watched keywords closely and as soon as a negative review appeared in the SERPs, remediative action was taken and any issue that surfaced was immediately addressed by the client, usually via social media. Additionally, management’s quick response demonstrated their concern for their tenants that resonated with prospects as well. These proactive steps have prevented tenant complaints within a given community from developing into a full-blown corporate issue.

Client Example #2: A Leading Alternative Lender

Sometimes it is not a specific issue such as a negative review, but a general perception of an industry that can prevent a brand from achieving higher rankings on the SERPs. Active Web Group was approached by a leading alternative lender that wished to stand out not only among its competition, but also among its well-established peers. Utilizing several digital marketing tools, including custom link building, blogs, and social media, AWG’s CORM team developed a strategy to bolster the client’s brand concurrent with tackling their industry’s tarnished image. As a direct result of AWG’s initiatives, the client gained market share and more clients from a wider variety of industries.

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Active Web Group is a full-service Digital Marketing and Corporate Reputation Management firm. We provide custom solutions to fit your specific industry, market and budget. Our Corporate Reputation Management services may be used in conjunction with our other Internet Marketing strategies to minimize your negative online presence, strengthen your online reputation and maximize your bottom line. Additional services we provide are Custom Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Web Design, eCommerce Marketing and Email Marketing.

Active Web Group ’s seasoned professionals apply proven strategies to resolve both common and unique Corporate Reputation Management situations. We can be your best ally when your business reputation is in dispute. Call 1-800-978-3417 or contact Active Web Group for more information today.