Custom WordPress Themes

WordPress is an open-source web tool, publishing platform and blogging implement that utilizes a template and plug-in based system. It’s the most popular blogging system on the web. Custom WordPress Themes are different from regular themes as they are not free, but these customizations are worth consideration as they may provide valuable benefits to both the site owner and site visitors.

How Custom WordPress Themes Will Benefit You

More Opportunities for Website Design Customization

You can customize every aspect of your layout, from social media widgets, to background coloring, to font selection. This will set your site apart from the competition by making it a true reflection of your business. No competitor will be able to copy the successful design you’ve put your time, effort and resources into, because it’s completely customized to your unique requirements.

More Quick and Budget Friendly Website Development

A custom WordPress Themes site takes less time to create than building a custom site from the ground up. Finishing the project earlier means you’ll be able to launch and see the benefits of your WordPress site sooner. Also, going this route is much less expensive than building a custom site. Building your site in this manner can stretch your budget to include other important marketing campaigns once it is launched.

It’s Easy to Make Changes for Custom Theme

The additional flexibility of personalized WordPress Themes means that you can change your site as your business evolves, on the fly, on your schedule and timeline. New pages, a new site structure, new images, new links; you can have it all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Custom Options for Custom Themes

The WordPress’ Options plug-in allows users to create custom options that can be easily managed and updated within WordPress themes. These options streamline the usage needs of the owner in order to meet specific business needs. You choose how images and layouts are displayed, how font sizes and colors appear, how contact forms function, and much more.

More Opportunities for Search Engine Optimization

You won’t know what you’re getting with a pre-made template. It could be visually pleasing, yet deliver very little in terms of SEO. However, with our developer’s Custom WordPress Themes, you’ll receive clean code for better SEO, enabling your site to rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

How We Will Deliver

We offer the expertise of our high-level, in-house programmers who work closely with our clients to create clean, custom code for their websites that increase their site’s appearance, functionality and effectiveness, thereby enabling our clients to realize their online business objectives.

As your greatest ally for online marketing success, we work passionately and tirelessly to bring together a custom WordPress theme solution that creates the results you expect and require. For more information on custom WordPress themes, call us at 1-800-978-3417 or Contact Active Web Group.