eCommerce refers to products or services that are bought and sold via the Internet. eCommerce systems utilize technologies such as electronic funds transfers, a variety of marketing strategies, and inventory management systems to handle these online transactions. Creating and maintaining business websites where goods are purchased and these transactions are completed entirely online is at the core of eCommerce development services. Business-to-business and business-to-consumer ventures, consumer-based virtual retail stores, auction sites, subscription sites, and corporate exchanges are common examples of eCommerce businesses.

How eCommerce Web Technology Will Benefit Your Business

There are 1.5 billion people worldwide who are currently utilizing the Internet, and millions of these users utilize eCommerce websites to purchase everything from food to their vacation rentals. Each business that sells goods or services online, regardless of their size and the number of products and target audience served, requires eCommerce Development to ensure their site dovetails their current business requirements and is scalable to accommodate future growth. The goal for sound eCommerce Development is to create web properties that serve as transactional tools and as passive sources of revenue requiring minor maintenance to increase top-line gains.

Why an eCommerce Website Is Your Best Salesperson

The finest of salespeople can be worth their weight in gold but are saddled with the reality of being human. They have only so many productive hours in the day and those hours can be quite costly based on their performance. Your website avoids some of these limitations as it never takes a break, is sick or tardy, or punches out after 8 hours. It will maintain a high rate of efficiency with its ability to process multiple customer interactions simultaneously with FAQs sections, self-checkout processes, and an endless amount of support documentation to keep visitors converting. Some sites are a hybrid of these two sales vehicles and feature live chat for human assistance. A content-rich eCommerce website will anticipate and fulfill every expectation site visitors have and guide them towards the checkout in a pleasant and seamless experience.

A successful eCommerce development service will develop the sales funnel to ensure that once your visitor makes their selection, the checkout process is automatically engaged. The site visitor quickly becomes a customer. Your e-store can even provide recommendations for cross and up-selling with features such as an auto-suggest which searches for recommended items.

This feature engages prospective buyers and assists them in evaluating options that may better suit or properly complement their potential purchase, similar to how a great salesperson would encourage upsells.

The Benefits of eCommerce Development/Social Networks Integration

More and more shoppers are relying on product reviews when making their selections. On-site, satisfied customers can influence future sales with built-in product ratings and reviews- a strong element of eCommerce development services. Off-site, your eCommerce website can promote social sharing and introduce your brand to new user communities, such as on Pinterest and LinkedIn. This is a powerful method to enable expansion into new markets thereby increasing profits exponentially. IN summary, eCommerce development services help to bridge both geographic and time constraints, introducing products and services before to potential customers in perpetuity. By utilizing AWG’s expert eCommerce development, your business will remain open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Develop Your eCommerce Site Today

Trusted eCommerce Development from Active Web Group

The eCommerce experts at Active Web Group will provide your company with a fresh and effective eCommerce web presence that reinforces your branding, improves your online visibility, keeps visitors on your site longer, and assists potential customers in finding your brand. We can construct a formidable sales funnel and ensure that site visitors are engaged and improve the odds of them converting into customers. Call us today for a no-cost consultation to discover how the eCommerce development services offered by AWG can greatly improve your top and bottom lines.