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There are several successful web lead generation methods that will convert to a sale. The most common lead generation approach is either through a phone call or by a visitor filling out a form on your website. Did you know that typically this happens only 1% of the time? That means 99% of the visitors who have arrived at your site leave without becoming a customer. You paid to get them to the site using SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Email Marketing, or a direct mail approach. Some visitors may have spent 30 minutes on your site which indicates a keen interest in your products or services, yet they didn’t find or see something they needed to compel them to buy or call. There is a way, however to reach these prospects using another Internet Marketing technique. Here is how you can find them!

Active Web Group uses the best web lead generation tools available online. Your visitors do not need to register or call. The tracking system captures their information and displays it to you in a customizable format for fast action. Imagine the power of seeing what person or company was on your website, what pages they viewed and what online vehicle brought them there. Now also imagine having their phone number, name and email address so you can follow up on a warm lead and potentially turn it into a sale!

The online review process is simple. You can view what companies are looking at on your website and you can use the exclusive and comprehensive database connections that will connect you with the company information required to contact your new lead. This lead generation service can be set up on your website in one day and you will begin getting new hot leads the following day in real time. We can configure and manage your system to generate an email for hot leads based on your trigger points. Trigger points include geographic locations, size of business, number of pages viewed, specific pages etc.

By using trigger points and eCommerce, site owners can call when carts are abandoned by potential purchasers. Trigger points can direct the lead to specific sales people based on the criteria that drove the lead. A specialist in medical equipment can get all the new leads from the medical pages portion of a site, while the sales specialist for medical equipment service can get the leads from that portion of the site.

This proprietary technology is the most advanced method of generating leads from your website. If you currently are getting 500 visitors per day and get 5 leads, you now can get 50! The possibilities are endless. Analytics have greatly advanced our ability to track behavior on websites to enhance our online lead generation strategy. This tool takes our lead generation services to the next level. Now we can use your website much like Caller ID to retrieve and to call back those businesses and prospects that seem ready to buy. Active Web Group can continue to refine your custom online lead generation reports and hot leads to increase your closing ratios.

Active Web Group is a leading digital agency that strives to assist online businesses to succeed. Call 1-800-978-3417 today to discuss how web lead generation tracking can work for your business or use this form to contact us. We offer this service as a FREE TRIAL! So there is no risk whatsoever. Call today!