In today’s fast paced world, people have favored using their mobile devices to access the internet. But, that doesn’t mean people only access the internet from them. People start with their cell phones while getting ready for their day, transition to desktops and tablets during their daily tasks, and always have their cell phones with them to check on the most important items. That’s why it’s essential for any business to have a website that is accessible from any of these devices. This type of design is called  responsive website design, and is intended to meet the needs of every user on any device 24/7/365.


Active Web Group knows that consumers are technology-driven, also that these changes create opportunities for our clients and their demographics alike. Even if your site has few mobile users, there are compelling reasons why your website should be a mobile-friendly web design.

At AWG we look at mobile traffic metrics differently. Maybe the reason you are drawing a small percentage of mobile users is that your website is too difficult for smartphone and tablet users to navigate. In fact, you could be losing business and not even knowing it.

Given Google’s statistic that more goods and services are being purchased while their users are on the go, shouldn’t your online business be as mobile-friendly as possible? If you think you cannot afford to address mobile commerce users via a responsive web design, you are definitely missing an opportunity to edge out your competition. The longer online business owners wait to acknowledge mobile eCommerce, the greater likelihood their enterprises will lose market share to competitors who recognize the advantage to having an omni-channel website.

Speak with our knowledgeable Internet Marketing Specialists to determine your best course of action. They’ll help you and your business to tap into the exponentially growing mobile commerce market. We will be glad to create a mobile-centric strategy that is a good fit for your business and budget. Call us today at (800) 978-3417!