Ten years ago Internet marketers did not focus on mobile phone users as a significant demographic. Yet today close to 70% of online activity is by those using mobile devices. And, Google reports, over 50% of mobile users are most likely to visit sites located by searches as compared with just over 30% of desktop users. The exponential growth of wireless mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android and similar products that feature full web-browsing capabilities has prompted expansion into mobile marketing via mobile web design. Mobile website development also referred to as WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) sites, are mini versions of an existing website that has been reconfigured for smaller screens of wireless mobile devices.

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Understandably, mobile device users favor sites that are mobile-enabled making the need for professional mobile website development critical. Skillfully designed and developed WAP sites also serve as an extension of your corporate website to maximize exposure to new markets, to interact with your audience, share files, and quickly post important news updates.

There are two ways to satisfy the growing website requirements of mobile users: mobile and responsive websites. Mobile sites are recommended as the cost effective means of increasing mobile market share if:

  • Your online presence is a recently designed website with no budget available for a responsive site.
  • Creating a different domain from your live site for your mobile web design does not pose an issue.
  • You plan to upgrade to a responsive site within the next year but do not want to lose business and wish to stay as competitive as your budget allows.
  • Are aware of mobile web design’s search engine optimization restrictions

Savvy online businesses have already crafted mobile website designs to further increase revenues. Today, online websites without a mobile presence are facing the uphill battle of keeping up with their competitors in a year, without a mobile website this may not be possible.

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