Mobile Web Design

You can’t attract new business nor retain customers or clients with an out of date website. According to Google, mobile site visitors will decide within three seconds to stay or go. And by “go” we mean directly to a competitor’s website. Digital technology and mobile web development has advanced at the speed of consumer demands, so if your mobile website is more than three years old, its likely to need more than a tune-up to remain competitive. That includes your mobile web design. You’ll be excited to know that recent advances can once again position your business where even more of your best prospects can find, access, and navigate your site with ease.

Stay Competitive, Upgrade Now!

Now that nearly every online business has a mobile responsive website, the need for an updated fully-functional professional mobile-friendly website is critical. Did you know? Google metrics indicate that up to 32% percent of site visitors will leave within the first three seconds. After five seconds (if your site is still loading) that jumps to 90%! Site speed, the ability to view videos, enhanced graphics, are among the mobile user mandates that mobile web designers will address. Happily, mobile web development has evolved to meet changing user needs. This way, your updated mobile website design will serve to maximize your business’ exposure to new markets, and facilitate interaction with your audience to influence their buying decisions.

Remember how your online business took off when you launched your mobile website design? You doubtless benefitted immediately via increased visitors, conversions and revenue. Online websites with a dated mobile presence, especially in competitive industries or markets, face a ‘swimming upstream’ scenario. If you have noticed a trending revenue down tick due to a more competitive landscape, your solution is an updated responsive/mobile website from Active Web Group. To request a mobile web design quote, fill out our contact form or call us at 800-978-3417.