PPC Management Software

PPC Management Software can be confusing to a lot of clients. Active Web Group specializes in PPC Management and will oversee all of your Pay-Per-Click campaigns through our top of the line software management system. The platform that we use is used by only 40 of the top website marketing agencies in the world. When you use Active Web Group as your PPC Management team, you will get control over your PPC campaigns and increase the ROI for each keyword selected. This software helps Active Web Group find the best keywords for multiple search engines through specific bidding strategies. The software helps us consolidate your PPC campaigns for optimized bidding.

Why Does Active Web Group Use PPC Bid Management Software?

The answer is very simple. PPC Bid Management software helps us overcome some of the biggest challenges that are associated with PPC Campaign Management. Some of these challenges include keyword research, campaign analysis and budgeting. The software platform enables us to control bid rules far beyond what the major search engines enable a user to do. Our system also works directly with bid managing inside Google and Bing. This will enable us to spend more time on managing your campaigns to optimum performance rather than bidding. PPC Management Software helps Active Web Group give you the cutting edge information you need for better creation and marketing strategy. PPC Management Software also helps our firm minimize mistakes within your budget so you are bidding on the keywords that are within your budget without exceeding the maximum spending amount of your financial plan. The software can also allow Active Web Group to consolidate all of your account information so management multiple campaigns at the same time can be done simultaneously. Let’s face it, the tools provided by Google and Bing are also designed to help Google and Bing make the largest profit possible. Our system is designed to enable you to make the largest profit possible by using Google and Bing.

How Does This Software Platform Work?

Our Pay-Per-Click Software is used to manage your PPC campaign’s data from every major search engine on the Internet. This includes Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Bing. The software compiles all of the information into a consolidated database for review. After we have discussed your account guidelines such as budgeting and keywords, we use our software against this data to produce the best PPC campaigns for your website, products or landing pages.

The bidding prices are automatically adjusted from the software across your campaigns to optimize the bidding goals against the search engine’s search terms. Bid rules are put into place to optimize performance for time of day, a/b add rotation, ad ratios, and much more. This software platform will also allow us to export an extensive variety of custom reports so you know exactly what keywords are converting and what keywords are not. The reporting platform will be configured to deliver regular reports to you on an automated basis. These reports allow us to adjust your campaign bids against the keywords that are not as productive in order to maximize your profit.

Who Can Benefit For Active Web Group’s PPC Management?

In short, every business that conducts sales or gains leads through online search engines. PPC is much different than using organic Search Engine Optimization. When you use PPC, you can bid on the search engine results for paid advertisements. If your business uses E-Commerce to sell products or services, Active Web Group can help you maximize your profit through PPC advertising. Some of our clients have included small businesses, large businesses, non-profits and lead generation companies. If your company is spending money on online expenditures, Active Web Group can get your money to work for you.

Active Web Group’s PPC Management Software Platform Will:

  • Allow you to spend less time with campaign management.
  • Reduce your cost per lead and cost per click without conversion.
  • Get the largest value from your financial budget.
  • Get real time reports of your campaign progress.
  • Manage low competition and non-converting keywords.