While the vehicles usually remain the same, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques often change focus. Take press releases for example. Long before the Internet, a press release had been a great way to establish branding and further the cause of name recognition. With SEO, the possibilities for expanding the value of a press release as a quick means of establishing a web identity became a popular strategy for over a decade. Early on, search engines indexed press releases thereby ensuring in-bound links intended to garner higher rankings. It proved such a successful strategy that it was quickly exploited by black hat SEO practitioners. Not only was a press release’s value diluted, but also its integrity as an acceptable SEO vehicle.

Do the recent search engine algorithm paradigm shifts toward fresh, informative and useful site content mean that PRs are no longer effective SEO tools? Well no and no. Think about it. If you pick up a magazine and begin to read an article, it will only keep your attention if it is well-written and informative, right? If not, you’ll skip over to another title in that magazine, yes? Press releases are only effective as an SEO tool if they tell readers something they may not have known before and may need to. A press release that has been written solely as a vehicle to be stuffed with a website’s keywords and published just to establish page rank within a very short time is no longer relevant.

What does work? Accept that lasting results take time to germinate and take hold. In branding and link-building this is especially true. Always follow sound SEO practices and release your PRs to reputable outlets that syndicate to well-established news-gathering websites. The goal of the press release now is as a supportive tool in a customized SEO strategy that is based on increasing organic search rankings by providing useful information in no-frills format. By writing content to a given demographic, you’ll reach that readership by taking the high road. But know this: it takes a well-crafted release to navigate around the wrong syndicates, attract quality site visitors and assist in making conversions.

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