QR Code Generator

QR code is a two dimensional code generated to create a “quick response” read. Active Web Group is providing this free QR code generator to better help you track your marketing efforts so you can determine your return on investment or ROI so that you can maximize what works and super charge your marketing efforts.

QR code is most typically used by marketers to track print advertising, trade show activity or just create tech buzz. An example would be to put several QR code prints out at a trade show to get passer by traffic to scan it. The code may then generate a coupon or lead form and some other clever interaction.

Using the QR code generator you can place the code on outgoing postcards that drive traffic to your website landing page of choice. This code can be tracked and used in your analytics to determine how many sales or visitors a specific mailing generated. This is a great way to amp up your social media marketing, or announce your new custom website design!

There are a wide variety of QR code ideas for marketing. At Active Web Group, we are experts in all types of marketing and focus on ROI. It is our job to help you achieve your marketing goals online and offline.