Remarketing has emerged as one of the most powerful and effective forms of internet advertising. Essentially it is digital advertising that visually reinforces your brand or service using a display image. Remarketing ads are a powerful way to leverage previous behaviors of potential clients to present a product or service that they have already expressed an interest in. Repetition has long been a cornerstone of sound marketing and effective remarketing ad design and placement can increase advertising ROI.

Research indicates that consumers visit a site multiple times prior to making a purchasing decision. Remarketing ads are used to reinforce your brand by presenting relevant advertising to users based on a previous interest in your products. Response to quality remarketing ads is typically twice the response rate to conventional pay per click strategies as the target audience is condensed to visitors who already have found you and engaged with your digital property. Utilizing dynamic remarketing ads reconnects your visitors who are currently on other sites, reminding them of your brand and products where they have already expressed an interest. As an example, newspaper automobile ads are “shown” to the entire newspaper readership. By using remarketing ads, your advertising is displayed to not just every user of the internet or even car shoppers, but potential buyers who have shown interest in your specific brand, right down to the make and model that they have previously expressed an interest in. This power filtering effect and brand reinforcement is the main reason that remarketing ads work so effectively.

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