Let Active Web Group Direct Social Media to Work for Your Business

The growth of Social Media as a business tool has created a demand for responsible Social Network Management. When correctly applied a business’ social media presence may be used to identify, connect, communicate with and influence or be influenced by its social media connections. Prior to the rise of social media outlets for business, online firms were siloed in their perceptions of themselves. Businesses with a social media presence acquire an expanded perspective of their online identity, can influence buzz about themselves, their services and products as well as take the pulse of public opinion about their brand’s reputation, products, and services.

Commercial use of social media in a successful internet marketing campaign, however, requires both experience and skill. Performed correctly, a commercial social media presence offers businesses greater brand exposure and increases both web traffic and online subscriptions. Active Web Group’s social media professionals have been involved with our client’s social media campaigns since the industry’s inception. AWG’s Social Network Management team will skillfully direct your network campaigns using all channels appropriate to your business including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to ensure that your business receives the exposure and web traffic it merits.


Social Network Management casts your business as a likable persona that speaks to your customers instead of posting indirect sales pitches. Once the suitable demographic has been identified, even technical material or industry-specific news and information can be made accessible and interesting using the right network as the vehicle.

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Create Buzz and Increased Web Traffic

Due to the viral nature of social media, it can be an ideal way to release exciting news such as new products, services or offers. Social media also targets a wide audience, which helps to direct web traffic back to your website.


An expertly-crafted social media campaign can yield a positive business reputation and a loyal customer base. Focused, productive initiatives with well-allocated resources will also likely yield maximum benefits faster and more cost-effectively than other marketing initiatives. Results must be sustained and that is another advantage when you team with a leading digital agency to oversee your business’ social network management initiatives.

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Cornerstones of Successful AWG’s Social Network Management Include:

  • Excellent copywriting skills (attuned to your business)
  • Interpersonal and networking expertise
  • Valuable interpretation of vital data to gain insight into market trends
  • A deep understanding of Google Analytics
  • Expert implementation of marketing campaigns
  • A thorough understanding of your business objectives
  • The ability to craft effective call-to-action messaging delivered to the appropriate audience

As a highly results-oriented and customer-centric agency, Active Web Group partners with our clients. However, no campaign can be considered effective if it does not assist to achieve your business goals. That’s why we additionally monitor the revenue and ROI of our Social Media Management services. Align your team with ours. Arrange for your no-cost evaluation to learn more about Active Web Group’s fully-developed Social Network Management solutions by contacting us today!