Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the method used to increase web sales, form submissions, newsletter subscriptions, email signups, etc after a site or page has launched. This is performed through actions that provide what is termed, “an optimized user experience” for site visitors and for those who access your clients’ digital marketing material. Simply put, CRO initiatives are aimed to enable visitors to locate what they are looking for on your site, or make purchases. To accomplish this, CRO initiatives are aimed at maximizing your clients’ marketing impact across every digital platform,

Before seeking our assistance, a number of Active Web’s clients had attempted to build their own web conversion strategy mistakenly believing it to be a simple process. What they all found instead, was that their lack of expertise in this sector had a negative impact on some once solid web metrics, or overall, their campaigns proved ineffective. In order to save money or perhaps thinking that there is a ample path to increasing their conversions, our clients made critical mistakes by taking these actions:

  • Reinventing the wheel: as novices they did not recognize their need to beat a learning curve, and made rookie mistakes that negatively impacted their website functions that previously had been working optimally.
  • Diverting their team’s focus away from supporting their core competencies, thereby lengthening key project timelines and increasing costs.
  • Wasted time and money trying to develop tools and solutions that already exist in the marketplace.

Exactly What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion optimization initiatives target where and how the web user experience can be enhanced throughout a site. For example, if a site is optimized and attracts visitors, yet few convert into actual customers, AWG’s team will conduct a full Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) audit. This CRO audit will clarify site pages where bounce rates are high and pin point why conversions are low. Using this information, AWG strategizes and determines a plan of action to increase conversions across your clients’ online marketing platforms.

What is a conversion? These most often take the form of a sale, but can also include form submissions, newsletter subscriptions, product inquiries among other marketing efforts. Creating an optimized user experience for those who access your digital marketing initiatives, conversion rate optimization will increase and optimally maximize your clients’ marketing impact across every digital platform. These platforms may include, but are not limited to their websites, email campaigns, PPC ads, remarketing banners, social media campaigns or a combination of these marketing channels.

Increase Client Conversions

Accountable Conversion Optimization Strategies Lead to Proven Results

Active Web Group’s strategies are founded on testing and tracking via Google Analytics and other programs specifically designed to measure conversion rate. In addition to website metrics, email campaigns, PPC ads, remarketing banners, social media campaigns and all other digital marketing platforms are regularly re-visited, re-strategized and re-optimized to ensure that these also achieve their peak conversion rates.

Active Web Group’s Conversion Optimization strategists will create an optimized user experience for your individual clients’ target audience, to improve their marketing impact across every digital platform. We will provide a structured and systematic approach toward optimizing how your clients’ websites and their digital marketing initiatives perform to best serve their audience. Best of all, our initiatives are measurable and our actions fully accountable. Through monthly or quarterly reports, your clients will be able to understand the cause/effect of our every CRO strategy as well as the outcome.

AWG’s White Label CRO Process:

  • First, identify specific issues relative to the client’s chosen platform
  • Next, implement a proposed optimal user experience across all digital marketing platforms
  • Finally, review, adjust, maintain and further enhance to increase campaign’s effectiveness through increased conversions.

A white label Conversion Rate Optimization strategy through Active Web Group will make your clients’ online marketing campaigns far more efficient and cost effective. Our primary goal is to increase the number of respondents and site visitors who take action, that is purchase your clients’ products and/or services. Additionally this strategy aims to make their online businesses grow more rapidly, also to improve their return on investment (ROI), and overall profits will likely increase as well. Contact us to discuss your clients’ online goals and to explore our focused solutions for their online businesses via a white label alliance with Active Web Group. Or you may call us for a confidential consultation at (800) 978-3417.