Effective Search Engine Optimization is key to the success of any online business. Too few companies have the internal resources to devote, nor the expertise required to accomplish their online business goals. Plus, SEO is ever-evolving and requires consistent and continuous attention.

In partnership with Active Web Group, your clients’ online businesses will likely see exponential improvement in their positions on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our strategies for your clients are the same that we create and maintain for our own client roster. Active Web Group’s white label SEO services focus on two key strategies: On-Site Optimization which includes implementing the right keywords effectively, and Off-Page Optimization, such as Inbound Linking. It is likely that we will advise supplementing these primary tools with additional support services to achieve and to build upon, your clients’ stated online business goals.

The chief benefit to partnering your agency with Active Web Group is the quality of SEO services that we provide. These services are both scalable and accountable, so that your clients will know where their spend has been applied, how it is working for them, and when and where AWG’s campaign and initiatives require fine-tuning. Our actions are fully accountable with access to their real time metrics, and a monthly or quarterly report with analysis.

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AWG Provides Effective and Actionable SEO Campaigns

Successful SEO campaigns are on-going, sharply focused, routinely evaluated and fully accountable. We utilize all the SEO and support vehicles that ensure online business’ success. Which of your clients would be the best candidates for AWG’s white label services? It is not only those who, like most decision-makers, are too busy running their brick and mortar enterprise to build your online business in tandem. The best candidates will require assistance to achieve their metrics and business milestones. To determine their candidacy, ask your clients:

  • Does their online revenue steadily increase year after year?
  • What is the projected market for their goods and services, and what percentage of this market do they “own”?
  • How do they plan to increase their ROI?

SEO has long since evolved from being solely keyword ranking based. New updates are released; algorithm formulas change, new trends emerge and SEO strategies must be adapted. Active Web Group’s SEO professionals review, evaluate and incorporate these significant developments into our clients’ search engine optimization strategies. Forming an alliance with Active Web Group ensures that your white label clients will receive the optimal benefits their online businesses require and deserve. Let us demonstrate our capabilities during a confidential consultation. Call for an appointment at (800) 978-3417.