Active Web Group uses WordPress, the leading open source platform, to design new websites. WordPress is not only SEO-friendly, but also scalable to meet any business’s future requirements. Yet, while WordPress is SEO compatible, having an SEO-friendly site alone will not drive more qualified site traffic nor facilitate conversions, and revenue. To remain competitive and to fully-achieve your online business goals, requires a customized, continuous, WordPress SEO campaign.

Active Web Group, as a leading Digital Agency, deftly provides WordPress Search Engine Optimization solutions to an impressive and growing roster of satisfied clients. We understand the underlying principles to transform a website into a successful online enterprise, as well as how to best utilize WordPress’s inherently SEO friendly design capabilities to facilitate this process.

Unlike other theme web designs, WordPress has been specifically engineered to provide excellent SEO compatibility. WordPress SEO sites incorporate several features, including a tagging feature, an easily refreshable blog, image naming and other keyword friendly generators. These features prove vital to successful SEO initiatives by attracting search engines to quickly identify the content on the site and recommend it to new users.

Creating an effective marketing campaign requires understanding your audience and your strategy. For users of WordPress, the tools are already there: it’s all about how you choose to use them. Active Web Group is a leading digital agency providing WordPress Search Engine Optimization support. We understand not only the underlying principles that transform a website into a heavily trafficked hotspot, but also how to maximize WordPress’s inherently SEO friendly design.


It is not enough to have a freshly-minted website following current design trends. Effective online marketing campaigns demonstrate a thorough understanding of the target audience. Next a sound strategy is drafted and implemented utilizing the best online tools to achieve stated goals.

This means that the site must be SEO-compatible, the optimization strategists highly experienced with a thorough understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), and its stringent and ever-evolving requirements. Search engines such as Google rank sites based not only on their relevance but additional metrics including the number of links and the rate at which the site refreshes its content. WordPress SEO websites are structured so that optimization strategies can be implemented quickly therefore these websites will be indexed by search engines more readily.

Active Web Group continues its tradition of assisting our clients’ online businesses to realize their full potential. These relationships begin by leveraging the WordPress platform as an SEO-compatible vehicle. Building intriguing, compelling and easily navigable websites is the start. Consult with Active Web Group to learn how our experience and commitment will influence your future online success.