Email Marketing Services

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing servicesBroadcast Email marketing is a form of direct Internet Marketing, which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial messages to the target audience. Anaffordable Email Marketing campaign allows businesses to promote a new product, send information about an upcoming corporate event or share important news about their business products and services. We are experts in both B2C Email Marketing and B2B Email Marketing services.

Email Marketing is possibly the only form of advertising that has a reliable return on investment (ROI). According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email Marketing generated approximately $40.56 for every dollar spent in 2011. These figures outperform all other direct marketing channels. Is there another marketing medium that allows businesses to reach a tremendous amount of potential customers for such a small cost?

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Email Marketing Benefits

Email is one of the oldest forms of digital Social Media and utilizing email is an effective way to stay in touch with your customers, transact with them, resolve any issues and develop new customers. Creating an effective, affordable Email Marketing campaign allows businesses to track impressions, responses, and conversations and forwards that their emails produce. This allows businesses to determine exactly how many sales can be attributed to each campaign and helps prove that the value of the Internet is that everything can be measured.

Current Email Marketing services and solutions support database integration, segmentation and dayparting. Additionally, other techniques for improving the targeting and response rate of your email messages are available. Email Marketing promotions and offers have the capability of generating immediate action whether they be sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations, etc. Informative email newsletters send people to offline stores and events, help prepare the way for catalogs, build brand awareness, as well as strengthening current customer relationships, encouraging trust and cementing loyalty.

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There are a number of other benefits to engage in our Email Marketing services, some of which are included below:

  • Increased Sales Conversions – Not all visitors to your website will actually buy your goods or services on their first visit, no matter how good or interesting your product is. Research indicates that it takes shopper an average of nine visits before making a buying decision. In short, all effective sales processes will require some element of repetition.
  • Up-sell/Cross-sell Products and Services – When correctly done, an Email Marketing campaign provides a great opportunity for businesses to up-sell or cross-sell their products and services. Email Marketing software allows businesses to easily create a series of email messages (auto-responders) that automatically follow up with offers that customers may find interesting.
  • Receive valuable feedback from visitors – Customer feedback is an important tool for any business that allows you to get an idea of:
    • Who/What is your target market?
    • The amount of money your target market is willing to spend.
    • Other products and services you can offer.
  • Encourage web users to make offline purchases – An effective email marketing campaign encourages web users to make offline purchases. According to one survey, 59% of email users said that they made offline purchases after they’ve received an email promotion.
  • Generate Repeat Sales – Every business is aware of the fact that acquiring new customers is much harder and expensive than retaining established customers. New sales are important in the overall business plan, but repeat sales are also important. Keeping open communication lines with your established customers on a regular basis through email has been shown to generate up to four times more profit. An excellent email marketing tactic is sending email newsletters, which has shown to increase repeat purchase frequency from your existing customers.

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Use Active Web Group For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing is an extremely tricky type of marketing strategy that, if it is not done properly, can work against you. Active Web Group is the leading full service Internet Marketing agency on Long Island, a pioneer in Email Marketing services and Website Development. We were among the first full-service Internet Marketing firms to blend extraordinary technical expertise with extraordinary design and marketing savvy.

Active Web Group will help you reach your target market on a consistent basis for at least 50% less than traditional direct marketing and will also help you:

  1. Properly Identify the Target Market
  2. Compose Your Message
  3. Modify Your Email Marketing Campaign

The Bottom Line

Active Web Group has the technical and marketing expertise to help you launch your email marketing campaign right from the email design all the way up to the content of your email newsletter. Our winning combination of speed, ease of use, affordability, and effectiveness all work together to make Active Web Group’s email marketing services a must for any sized business:

  • Select from among thousands of informative newsletters, choose your recipients, and send them out with just a few clicks.
  • Campaign with up-to-the-minute data for every email you send.
  • Automatic unsubscribe features insure you always are CAN-SPAM compliant.

The Active Web Group Email Marketing team will help you decrease your marketing costs and increase your leads. Contact Active Web Group today!