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We offer the finest professional Internet Marketing services in the industry. We do not provide ‘one-size-fits-all’ methods that were designed for universal application or a staff whose split focus prevents them from acquiring true mastery of their field. Instead, we present effective, focused solutions that are exclusive to your business, as well as dedicated in-house specialists in each area of Web Design and Internet Marketing who are talented, seasoned and prepared to outperform your expectations.

Active Web Group possesses an intimate understanding of the way each facet of online marketing exists in relation to the other. Each component of a marketing initiative needs to flow seamlessly into the other in order to facilitate the success of a business’ overall goals.

Internet Marketing Services That Get The Job Done

Located on Long Island, NY, we are one of the rare marketing companies to offer a full complement of Internet Marketing services. Companies of any size will benefit from Active Web Group’s progressive and valuable web proficiencies to assist your firm to achieve and to maintain your grandest marketing ambitions.

Our Internet Marketing services include, but are not limited to Website Design services, SEO marketing services, Adwords PPC Management, E-Commerce Website and Marketing Services, Social Network Marketing Services, Mobile E-Commerce Services and Email Marketing.

More information can be found below:

Website Design and Development Services

LI-Web-DesignIn the snap-decision process that today’s online customers unconsciously make, first impressions are all-important; potential customers won’t spend more than a few precious seconds on your website if they don’t immediately find it appealing. A newly-designed, expertly-crafted website will allow your company not only proper representation but also give it an edge, which is more crucial than ever due to the widespread growth and competition among online businesses…More

E-Commerce Marketing Services

LI-E-Commerce-MarketingWhile a great website is a crucial tool for providing information, it also presents a tremendous opportunity to convert your first-time browsers into reliable, repeat buyers…More

Professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

LI-SEOApproximately 80 percent of Internet users so strongly prefer to find what they are looking for on the first search engine results page (SERP) that they will not even look beyond the first SERP when performing an online search. With the aim of pushing your business to the top of that first page, SEO consultant services can be the absolute most effective and cost-efficient marketing tool of all. When conducting an online search, how far do you go?…More

Social Media Marketing Services

social-media-advertising-300x276A strong Social Network Marketing strategy allows businesses to interact with their customers and clients. It can be an effective customer service and brand management tool, providing the ability to craft a unique voice, interact with your audience, improve brand visibility and attain web traffic…More

Email Marketing

LI-Email-MarketingEmail marketing allows businesses to promote new products, distribute information about upcoming corporate events or share exciting news. The right email marketing campaign will inform and entertain customers as well as encourage them to shop with you…More

Paid Search Services

LI-PPCIn addition to rock-solid SEO marketing services, Adwords Pay-Per-Click Management has emerged as a vital Internet Marketing system utilized by every business from sole proprietorships to immense corporations…More

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design means easy navigation and maximum readability on any device – from a fit-in-your-palm mobile phone to a medium-sized tablet to a larger table-top device – without the inconvenience of constant scrolling up and down, panning left and right or resizing windows…More

Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development involves building a new website from the ground up, rather than utilizing past sites or templates. It is beneficial for small businesses to establish themselves with a distinct identity, which can set your company and online property apart from the rest…More

Mobile Marketing Services

More and more users are using smart phones and other web-connected mobile devices to complete online transactions. At one point, E-Commerce was new territory, but its popularity has exploded in the years since. In the same way, M-Commerce Development truly is the ‘next big thing’…More

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