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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the most commonly used forms of online marketing for businesses, sole proprietors and international corporations. While it can be highly effective, PPC is not a marketing endeavor that you can simply jump into. PPC requires research and know how to make it successful. Here’s how it works: PPC requires you to pay for every visitor that is sent to your website through a search engine. If your PPC campaigns are not managed properly, you could pay for visitors that have no interest in your product, destroying your return on investment (ROI).

How Does PPC Work?

The actual way PPC is put into action for each search engine is a little different, but is effectively the same. You select a keyword that you believe will bring a quality visitor. You write relevant ad copy that, in a few short words captures the browser’s attention. You provide a landing URL that is relevant to the keyword selected so that if the visitor clicks on it, you will drop them onto the page most likely to bring a conversion or display the content that you believe they should be viewing. Of course one of the most important parts of this formula is that you pay for each time a potential visitor clicks on this ad. Now your ad campaigns must be managed to the desired budget and conversion ratios that fit your model. The beauty of PPC is that everything is measurable.

What Are Sponsored Listings?

Sponsored listings are the heart of PPC campaigns. A sponsored listing is shown on the search engine when a keyword is searched. The search engine recognizes this keyword and then displays the advertisements that have the most relevance. These ads are posted on the top and sides of the search engine results pages to give people a snapshot of the product’s features. These ads are also shown in tandem with the organic search results from the search engine. Depending on how you set your account up, the ads may show up when only portions of your keyword phrase are searched for or if they are searched for in a different order than you entered them. It is also possible to put your ads on other sites that wish to display them. All these complex settings and management techniques must be considered when you layout your goals and your target ROI.

When you participate in a PPC campaign, you can bid on the amount that you would have to pay each time that a particular keyword is searched. This can be as little as .01 cent or as much as $50.00 depending on the keyword popularity. When your keyword is searched and you have the highest bid, your ad will appear in the sponsored listings section on the search engine. In some systems such as Google your quality score also affects the cost per click and position you will show up in. A branded term such as your name may only cost you $.25 to be in first even though a competitor is bidding $1.00. You would be assumed to be more relevant than them. This is why professional management saves big money over amateur or self managed accounts. Writing the ads a certain way and providing the correct landing pages can often lower PPC costs by over 10% alone while improving conversion rates.

Why Should I Use PPC?

PPC does not require you to change any aspect of your existing website or blog.

  • PPC can get your website or blog targeted traffic within a few minutes of implementation
  • PPC can increase brand awareness and website visibility with your key demographic

What Can Active Web Group Do For My PPC Campaigns?

Active Web Group has been managing PPC since it was started. Our agency helped pioneer PPC strategies and was BETA tester for one of the largest search engine systems when they entered the market. Our talented team of designers and SEO experts has optimized more than 2,000 websites, generating close to millions in sales for small, mid-sized and corporate companies across the US.

Our company is in the forefront of emerging technology to give you the most in every PPC campaign. We are committed to helping you reach every goal and maximize your online earning potential through PPC analysis and evaluation of your most profitable keywords. Our new platform for PPC Management is the most advanced system available today and is used by only by professional agencies who qualify. Our system goes far beyond what you can do in the back end of the management tools provided by the search engines.

What Will Active Web Group Do To Manage My PPC Campaigns?

Active Web Group will manage every aspect of your PPC campaigns from Pay-Per-Click analysis to the rolling out of your new PPC advertisements. Active Web Group will start by doing all of the research and PPC evaluation for your targeted keywords and then work with your to create the best ad copy possible for your Sponsored Listings.

Our company will provide insight on the most effective means to get you conversions as well as work with you to improve an overall marketing strategy that is best suited for your particular products. Our specialized Web Design, E-Commerce, SEO and Email Marketing teams are at your disposal to improve every facet of your PPC campaigns.

What Is The Process?

1. Decide On Your PPC Budget

This is the most critical step in the process because it will determine how much each of your website visitors are worth per click.

2. Choose The Right Keywords And Phrases

Keyword research is a vital step in the process because it will show you the best keywords and how much each of them will cost. This will show you exactly what will work with your campaigns and what will not based on the relevance of your business’ industry.

3. Writing Descriptions

Your PPC advertisements should be able to attract targeted traffic in order to convert them into paying customers. To accomplish this task, it is very important to bring in targeted traffic based on the relevance of their searches. With expertly written descriptions, targeted traffic can be gained while also discouraging clicks from uninterested parties.

4. Monitoring And Analysis

Active Web Group will monitor your traffic and offer up to date PPC analysis for your campaigns. Our company will also track your most successful and unsuccessful keywords and phrases for the development of future campaigns.