A rookie mistake in search engine campaigns is to assume that a lead or sale is the only major goal to achieve. Websites typically have fluctuating buying cycles with visitors at each stage of the process. You can’t always just concentrate on converting sales; you have to be able to stay at the forefront of the minds of potential customers. Also, once you have actually made the sale, you will want to ensure that the buyer is a returning customer.

Clumsy email marketing could be damaging your sales and brand more than it actually helps. To avoid making common email marketing mistakes, examine the following 5 reasons why your email marketing might isn’t working.

Contacting the Customer For No Reason

As a customer, a weekly marketing email is not going to be helpful or appreciated, customers only want useful and interesting emails sent to them. If there is nothing new to offer (product, discount, or interesting news) then do not email!

Sending Without the Consent of the Customer

This is illegal and horrible for business. Unsolicited emails are annoying and resented by almost everyone. Emails should be compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act. Find out more about this in the article ”Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Compliant With CAN-SPAM Act?”

Making it Hard For Your Customers to Unsubscribe

Maybe a lead receives your email and decides to unsubscribe, but there is no unsubscribe button or option in the email. Then they must log on to your website and figure out a way to unsubscribe, if there is any way for them to unsubscribe. This effectively ends all future sales with this lead and perhaps anyone that they have contact with through word of mouth.

Sending Your Customer Inappropriate Content

It is critical to target your contacts with relevant content. You may want to reach as many people as you possibly can, but if you send a message for families out to singles, retirees, and childless couples then you are going to alienate your clientele.

Offering Your Customer Poor Content

Even if you are offering the best deals on the market, if your email is poorly written and your layout is awful then you are not going to score the CTR that you need and your business will not do well.

Remembering to always respect the customers’ inbox and time by providing quality information will go a very long way to ensure that you are using email marketing effectively.

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