What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion Optimization pinpoints where and how the user experience can be enhanced throughout a site. For instance, if a site is optimized and attracting visitors, but very few are converting into actual customers, we conduct a full Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) audit.

At Active Web Group, our CRO audit will help clarify where bounce rates are high and why conversions are low. Using this information, we will strategize and implement a plan to increase conversions across your online marketing campaigns.

What is considered a conversion? A conversion could be sales, but can also include form submissions, newsletter subscriptions, product inquiries and more. By creating an optimized user experience for those who access your digital marketing initiatives, conversion rate optimization maximizes marketing impact across every digital platform, including websites, email campaigns, PPC ads, remarketing banners, social media campaigns or a combination of these marketing channels.

Accountable Conversion Optimization Strategies Lead to Proven Results

Active Web Group’s strategies are founded on testing and tracking via Google Analytics and other programs specifically designed to measure conversion rate. Based upon these ongoing results, a brand’s website, email campaigns, PPC ads, remarketing banners, social media campaigns and all other digital marketing platforms are regularly re-visited, re-strategized and re-optimized to ensure peak conversion rates.

Active Web Group’s Conversion Optimization strategists will create an optimized user experience for your target audience, improving marketing impact across every digital platform. We will provide a structured and systematic approach toward improving the way your website and digital marketing initiatives perform to best serve your audience. We will collaborate with you at every major junction in your campaign. Best of all, our initiatives are measurable and our actions accountable. Through reports and communications, you will participate in understanding the cause/effect of every strategy as well as the outcome.

The Process:

  • Step I – Identify specific issues relative to platform used
  • Step II – Create/implement a proposed optimal user experience across all platforms
  • Step III – Review, adjust, maintain and further enhance to spur growth

A Conversion Rate Optimization strategy through Active Web Group will make your online marketing campaigns more efficient and cost effective. The goal is to increase the number of respondents and site visitors who take action. Using this strategy your online business will grow more rapidly, your return on investment (ROI) will improve and overall profits overall will likely increase as well. Contact us to discuss your online goals and to explore workable solutions for your online business.