What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing describes the use of social networks, such as blogs and popular social networking platforms to support marketing campaigns, generate sales, further public relations or to provide customer service. Social Media refers to a group of digital properties that provide online interactive forums to encourage users to talk, participate, share and network. Some of the most common Social Media Marketing platforms are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and Pinterest.

A sound Social Media strategy involves supporting your public relations efforts and marketing your brand through the right mix of Social Media channels to obtain links, create conversation with users and increase website traffic. Social media is an underutilized digital marketing vehicle as many do not appreciate its value. No other current promotional method, however, can drive large amounts of visitors to your website as quickly and economically.

Categories for a Successful Social Media Strategy

The development of Social Media on the personal as well as the business level has created a noticeable shift in the way businesses and consumers interact. Social Media can be divided into five distinct categories:

  • Brand-focused Content Planning & Generation
  • Sponsored Post Development
  • Social Profile Optimization
  • Community Management
  • Online Reputation Management

According to a recent Razorfish report, “65% of consumers report having had a digital experience that either positively or negatively changed their opinion about a brand. ” Additionally, “97% of that group said that their digital experience influenced their decision whether or not to purchase a product or service.”

Active Web Group will assist any business to understand the value of Social Media Marketing and will help create content that will effectively promote your website, business or brand throughout the selected social media channels.

Choose Active Web Group for your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Active Web Group will perform a Social Media Analysis and develop an action plan to utilize social media outlets to further your business. Our Social Media team will assist you in building awareness for your brand through AWG’s directed Social Media analysis.

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