Active Web Group’s web design or redesign proposals also include a responsive website design. That’s because we want to provide the best site possible for our clients. Mobile internet users eclipse those going online from desktop computers, and that percentage keeps growing. Since mobile internet access comprises the majority of its users, no online business should risk not having a website that easily accommodates every potential customer or client. An AWG mobile-friendly, responsive website makes this possible.

The takeaway for online business decision-makers is this: even if mobile users presently account for a small percentage of your site visitors, creating a responsive website design will encourage that number to increase along with your profits.

What a responsive site does is tailor mobile users’ onsite experience to:

  1. Fit their tablet or cell phone screen without ‘crunching’ the site content.
  2. Enable mobile users to find what they are seeking with a minimum of keystrokes, different screens, or steps.
  3. Greatly enhances mobile users’ experience leading to increased conversions.

Benefits of a Great Responsive Website Design:

  • Unlike Mobile Websites, Responsive Web Designs let you keep your existing domain, the one your existing customers and clients already use to find your online business. The only site changes are to the back-end, resulting in a very SEO-friendly solution.
  • Embedding new code on the back-end preserves your website’s existing link-equity. This means that your visibility and value on search engines remains intact, another very SEO-friendly approach.
  • Responsive Web Design is scalable. Simply put, it means your site will not become obsolete short or long-term. Having a site that can be updated easily will better serve users and also provides a better return on your investment. This is because changes are made to the site, and are not influenced by the type of device used to access your site. Your site will be compatible to all visitors regardless of what they used to access the internet. This way, subsequent mobile device upgrades will be automatically site-compatible.

Now is the time for your business to achieve true mobility and increase the number of site visitors, conversions, and ROI! Contact Active Web Group today and let us demonstrate how our clients’ online businesses benefit from our responsive custom websites.

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