Active Web Group is a leading digital agency that specializes in every aspect of internet marketing. As such our website is comprehensive and absorbing its content proves challenging to some. To assist in your decision-making processes, we have prepared marketing white papers that detail actual client scenarios from initial problem to highly successful solution.spacer

What are Marketing White Papers?

Derived from a term to define a government informational report, white papers today are generally used to state a specific fact or position and/or offer a solution to a stated problem. Recently, marketing white papers have found their niche as popular online tools to explain how a company’s services would be of particular benefit to a prospect.

Active Web Group offers our white papers to present facts and real life examples of our client services as both “take aways” and notes to assist in a decision-making process. Active Web Group’s white papers are presented in a convenient outline format and anticipate most questions those considering establishing an internet marketing relationship with AWG might have.

Our marketing white papers cover the most popular services that we offer: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eCommerce, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization and Social Media. These are by no means the extent of AWG’s scope and we welcome inquiries regarding the full-range of online services we provide.

Most business leaders are aware which goals and objectives they wish their online enterprises to achieve. It is our endeavor to assist your business to chart a steady course toward the successful completion of your initial goals. Every successful business owner knows that today’s achievements must be constantly eclipsed to remain profitable. We focus on what is next for your business without losing sight of what is currently slated for completion.

For your convenience, please select any or all of our marketing white papers to download. We hope you will find these white papers both informative while raising questions that we will be glad to address when you contact us to discuss. Please take the opportunity to open a dialogue leading to a mutually beneficial, long term and constantly evolving online business relationship. When you would like to discuss what we can do for you and your business, please give us a call: (800) 978-3417. We welcome the opportunity to be of service!

AWG invites you to download a complimentary white paper in one of the following categories: