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Get More Conversions With a Google Paid Ads Campaign from AWG

Google’s ads platform, a staple since 2000, changed its name in mid-2018. Goodbye to Google AdWords, and hello to Google Ads. By any other name, this Google ad search offering is still Pay-Per-Click advertising. This means the only question that business decision-makers should be asking themselves is, ‘What can Google Ads do for my business and my bottom line?”

The reason behind the Google paid search name change is to demonstrate the brand’s expansion. Originally, AdWords was launched as a platform for running text ads using Google Search. Today its advertising reach extends across ‘Search, Google Display Network (including apps and websites), Gmail, and YouTube. This much broader communication system prompted the name change.

What Can Google Ads Do For Your Business?

What this means to online business owners considering a Google paid search campaign is that through Google paid ads their brand receives more exposure than the platform previously offered. Greater exposure = more conversions. So it’s also likely that they can achieve their online leads, sales, and revenue goals faster, too. Pay Per Click advertising has proven to generate new site traffic through widespread awareness of your brand, its products and/or services. Ultimately, carefully crafted and appropriately placed Google Ads (seen as the top three listings on the Google search pages, above the organic results) will not only drive qualified visitors to your site, but serve to influence conversions as well.

Successful Google Ad strategies include a thorough understanding of your demographic(s) and selection/bidding on relevant keywords, all while closely monitoring your Cost of Advertising (COA). This strategy requires due diligence and a dedicated team of Google Ad professionals to provide the management services your account requires. As a leading full-service digital agency, Active Web Group has built, monitored, and maintained hundreds of successful Google Ad Search campaigns for businesses like yours. We invite you to contact our team to discuss Google paid search opportunities via a customized campaign. Partner with AWG to drive and increase your online business’ continued success through the Google paid ads platform. For more information please call (800) 978-3417 today!

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