Not All PPC Management Services Are Created Equal

The Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising/marketing campaign has emerged as the primary online marketing techniques utilized by anyone from sole proprietors, small businesses, and international corporations. However, mismanagement of PPC marketing often results in low click conversion and high marketing costs. Typically, a basic understanding of the fundamentals of PPC just isn’t enough to build an effective Pay Per Click campaign, especially in a market with a large amount of competitors.

The Internet is widely populated by a vast number of services promising to help you manage your Pay Per Click advertising campaign, but it can be a daunting task to try to choose one from amongst the hundreds that offer tips, tricks, exclusive features, and knowledge of the latest search engine marketing techniques.

Too often, many of these services rely only upon generic marketing techniques, and are unable to factor in additional criteria, such as specifically targeted search terms, and the importance of SEO in conjunction with a PPC marketing campaign. Regardless of how much a company might pay for their results to appear in a search engine query for a particular keyword, if a competitor utilizes better search terms, or the ad copy is inadequate, then all efforts will have been in vain.

Additionally, the ability to thoroughly analyze the results of your Pay Per Click advertising and make changes as necessary is an essential component of any good PPC marketing service. Click conversion is an important statistic, but even more important and often overlooked are the actual impressions an ad receives. If your ad isn’t showing, it isn’t going to be clicked on; it’s as simple as that, and poor impression numbers are often due to poor keyword use.

A reputable PPC Management service, such as Active Web Group, should be able to help you to choose keywords that are not only relevant to your business, but will also remain competitive and help your ad receive a high impression rate. Additionally, the PPC Management service you choose should help you create an ad with an attention-grabbing headline and captivating copy, to better insure that your ad is clicked on by your target market. Regardless of your business, there is likely an ample amount of competition to be found online, and they will all attempt to outrank and overshadow your own ad. Combining quality SEO with ad copy that is both tantalizing and to the point has never been more prevalent or more difficult.

Because many PPC Management services currently in existence are simply focused on turning a profit without providing any real value-added service, Pay Per Click has begun to draw a negative stigma. Too many companies have attempted a PPC marketing campaign and suffered poor results, and so now believe that PPC is a waste of time and money. This is an unfortunate result of either bad PPC Management on the part of a business that attempted a campaign themselves, or having used a service that is inadequate or incomplete.

Active Web Group is a leading Internet Marketing agency with a steady rate of guaranteed success in building and managing PPC advertising campaigns. The SEO professionals at Active Web Group possess a thorough knowledge of Pay Per Click marketing techniques, and understand the value and importance of competitive keywords and SEO ad copy. Properly targeted impressions and high click-through rates are the result of experience and expertise, something many PPC Management services are unfortunately lacking.

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