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Is your site traffic being tracked accurately? AWG’s Google Analytics services and management will ensure you are tracking the right metrics.

Google Analytics has evolved into an essential tool for understanding site user behavior. Professional Google Analytics management as part of a digital marketing strategy provides guidance into many elements of a website including traffic analysis, understanding traffic anomalies, and site visitor behavior.

Strong Google Analytics management can offer considerable insights into web visitor traffic sources. Keyword research and page referral information help to guide the overall traffic improvement strategy. Website content, Paid Search, and link-building efforts can be measured granularly using Google Analytics. Knowing where traffic is originating from is the first step in understanding how to improve it.

Active website strategies should involve consistent updates across the web property to improve search results and Google Analytics can offer actionable insights into how these changes are making on overall traffic. The algorithms of how the search engines rank a site in search results are constantly being updated and Google Analytics services can report accurately on the effects these changes are having on the traffic. Keeping your pulse on how the search engines are rewarding or punishing search rankings helps to provide business owners with important feedback to keep and improve ranking results. Google Analytics is a valuable tool used in understanding these potential anomalies.

Professional Google Analytics management also offers great insight into user behavior while on a website. Time spent on any given page, page exit data, and use of varied calls to action are all data points to lift engagement and actual site behavior. There could be a page that engages well with visitors regarding time spent but fails to convert may require tweaks to the calls to action to convert a visitor into a customer. Having the capacity to interpret this data is vital in improving site conversion rates.

The professional Google Analytics management services offered by Active Web Group have had a significant impact on top-line revenue for our clients. With years of experience and thousands of clients served, our team of experts has developed keen insights across a variety of industries. You are encouraged to contact us at 800-978-3417 for a complimentary analysis and discover how our Google Analytics management is second to none.

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