AWG will ensure that your Google Analytics account is tracking the right metrics!

Are you getting the most benefit from your Google Analytics campaign? Do you understand what these stats are telling you about your online business? Most business owners rely on Google Analytics (GA) to track and measure key website metrics such as traffic, conversions, and revenue. It is relatively easy to set up, leading many to believe it is easy to master. Before long, most realize that this is simply not the case. Google Analytics produces a wealth of statistical information, and for some, it proves difficult to both access and to assess. Others may not have the time to devote to monitoring their site or to run and analyze reports. Beyond the basics, how does one expand GA’s tracking capabilities? For online business owners who want to fully realize GA’s benefits, the solution is Active Web Group’s new Google Analytics services.

This valuable business service starts with AWG’s thorough audit of your business’ existing Google Analytics account. Every audit is performed by a Senior SEO Specialist who assists our clients to achieve their specific online business goals. Here’s what you can expect from Active Web Group’s Google Analytics Audit:

  • A review of the current tracking codes. Are these set up correctly and tracking the right metrics?
  • Test goals and filters. This step ensures that your metrics will be accurate.
  • Test ecommerce tracking. Are your tracking codes fully functional?
  • Conference Calls: Your audit includes two call sessions with your SEO Specialist to determine your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and to address any issues your SEO Specialist uncovers.
  • Additionally, you’ll receive an outline of our findings with recommendations for improvement.

AWG Offers Professional GA Insight Backed by Experience

Many of our clients have struggled to fully utilize the insight and value that Google Analytics provides. Active Web Group’s SEO professionals are glad to additionally assist with:

  • Standard Google Analytics Set Up – If you have not yet taken advantage of this powerful website metrics tracking and analytics tool, allow AWG to get you started the right way.
  • For existing accounts, a Google Analytics Clean Up/Detox – If over the years many hands have worked on your account, allow us to coordinate and ensure that your account is up to date and functioning optimally.
  • Advanced Google Analytics Set Up – When you’ve mastered the basics, learn what additional GA features can do for your business.
  • Monthly GA Account Monitoring – Your account will be closely monitored. Our SEO professionals know how to distinguish daily fluctuations from potential issues before they trend and take steps to remediate.

Sounds good? Give us a call at 800.978.3417 to discuss how AWG can harness your Google Analytics account to assist your online enterprise to achieve your goals.

Get started with your Google Analytics Audit! We will be in touch within one business day.