Animation Marketing

Personalize Your Promotions to Reach New Audiences

Use customized website/social media videos to provide a unique user experience.

Did you know? According to Cisco, video content has quickly risen over the past five years to become the most popular form of site content. In fact, over 95% of consumers visiting sites look for videos to learn more about a brand, its products, and/or services. This is because, unlike text or audio content -which individually have great value, videos allow consumers to absorb more information, in greater depth, in less time than by reading or listening. It is for this reason, that Active Web Group offers enhanced video marketing services and animation services to our clients who want to further their brand through personalization, as well as to edge ahead of their competition for increased market share.

It is also known that about 55% of brand loyalists expect more video and animation content from the websites they support. Perhaps the strongest factor for considering animation services and/or enhanced video marketing services from Active Web Group is the fact that our clients who opt for our customized animations and videos report increased site traffic and a greater ROI.

Active Web Group knows that creating a unique and positive user experience for our clients can be quickly achieved through customized videos and animations. These can take several forms- from animated GIFs posted on social media to be shared continuously, to on-site videos of varying lengths that describe products and services, define industry terms, and much more. These features can be hosted by unique characters, be based on corporate staffers, or even utilize a brand mascot.

Here is more food for thought- Google has identified videos as ‘indispensable’ website tools. Now is the time to add Active Web Group’s enhanced video marketing services and animation services to your brand marketing strategy. Allow Active Web Group’s professionals to create fresh, exciting, and unique marketing tools that increase your brand’s visibility, its value in your market, attracts new customers, and boost revenue.

To learn more, contact Active Web Group or call us at (800) 978-3417 today.

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