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WordPress is the most popular CMS, enjoying nearly 60% of the market share. AWG has a proven track record of developing top-notch WordPress sites that will help you reach your online goals.

WordPress: The Website Platform That Grows with Your Business!

WordPress is the most popular platform for website development – with over 75 million WordPress sites found on the internet today.

Websites developed on the WordPress platform can range from the simplest startup to full-enterprise systems with far more complex and powerful requirements and functions. Through the use of plug-ins, WordPress can capably address every online business requirement, effectively and affordably.

As a leading digital agency, Active Web Group specializes in building many of our client websites on a firm foundation: WordPress Development. Since it is an open source tool, (that is built on original source code that has been freely distributed for modification and redistribution) WordPress’ popularity has grown exponentially. It now powers millions websites worldwide. The platform has thousands of plug-ins and themes, making it highly customizable. Did you know? People Magazine, Sony PlayStation, The New York Times blog, Flickr and The Rolling Stones, are among the iconic brands whose websites are powered by WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization Options: WordPress Development code is clean and simple which means it’s easy for search engines to read and index site pages. This leads to greater representation on search engine results pages (SERPs), brand visibility, and incoming web traffic. In fact, Google has repeatedly made public statements lauding this platform. That’s right: Google loves WordPress.

WordPress Offers Customization, and Scalability: It easy customization capability allows your brand to position itself as a unique supplier of not only products and services, but also online experiences. It has plugins for calendars, video galleries, Twitter feeds and more to further set your business apart from your competition. Its visual editor and CMS (Content Management System) were designed to be used by anyone, not just coders and web developers. Furthermore, WordPress eCommerce features easy expansion, meaning your site can grow as your business grows whether it’s in physical stores, via traditional web or in a mobile capacity.

WordPress Features Accessibility and is Easily Updatable: With WordPress’ eCommerce flexibility, changes can be made from any Internet-connected computer anywhere without the need for additional software. For example, products can be added to or removed from your online inventory without the need for a developer. WordPress plays well with others and integrates beautifully with social tools, video and audio, and Google products such as Google Tools, Analytics, and Maps. Updating is fast and easy; WordPress features an intuitive interface, so adding new pages, blog posts, images and more won’t require the usual back-end technical skills that a traditional website would. And with the right partner, your WordPress site can be made hacker-proof even more securely than a traditional website. Best of all, your WordPress eCommerce site can have much the same functionality as a far more costly custom build, at a fraction of the price. Develop Your Online Presence Today

Active Web Group & WordPress Development

While WordPress Website Development has universal appeal, it is not a one size fits all contingency; rather one that provides the freedom to create a scalable, flexible online business tool that will satisfy your current business needs and expand to accommodate future requirements. Your WordPress website will dovetail with current SEO best practices to ensure that every aspect of your site is working towards your continued online business success.

AWG provides WordPress Development solutions with installation, configuration, theme customization, plug-in development, CMS (Content Management System) development, website development, site maintenance, support and data migration. Our proven solutions will direct your business toward continued success. Call (800) 978-3417 or Contact Active Web Group for a no-cost consultation.

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