As each individual is different, so is every business. When creating a custom web design, there are a number of factors to consider such as industry type, company culture, required functionality, aesthetics, scale, etc. As you endeavor to create or rebuild your website, it is important to find a custom website design agency that understands these fundamentals and has the ability to execute on them.

The process of creating a custom web design starts with a deep dive with the client to get a broad understanding of their marketing purpose and goals. An attorney firm has a very different goal in mind for their custom website design than say a large e-commerce platform. One is looking to generate leads while the other is most likely looking to provide a quick and easy vehicle for transactions.

At Active Web Group, we have been creating custom web designs for many years across a myriad of industry types. Our portfolio reflects a vast selection of professional custom website designs from static one-man operations to international vitamin manufacturers selling thousands of products online. Each is different and is created to beautifully reflect your brand online while accomplishing its ultimate marketing intention. Having the ability to incorporate responsive web design in the custom web design is also an important element of the build as more and more people are accessing the internet on a variety of devices.

We encourage you to peruse our portfolio of custom website designs and contact us to get a clear understanding about how our comprehensive approach to web design will reflect your unique business while performing its marketing goal beautifully and effectively.