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Custom Web Designs for Maximum Impact and Increased Conversions

Every business website should make a powerful impression. That website will be unique, visually appealing and highly functional to best represent their brand online. Active Web Group’s team of highly skilled designers will create an engaging site, implementing strong calls to action and other conversion opportunities to help your business increase its online revenue.

For most businesses, their website, or web presence, is usually the first interaction consumers will have with that company. It is also the destination for prospects seeking more information about who a business is and what it is that they do. Is your current website your brand’s best ambassador? Does your website represent your business well?

Just like those shopping for a new home, curb appeal is very important. According to a study by Stanford University, over 75% of consumers make their decision to buy based on the look of a website alone. Those questioned admitted to passing judgment about a business’ credibility based on the site design. Another often overlooked feature is user experience. No matter what products and services an online business provides, if site visitors cannot easily negotiate their sites and locate what they are seeking quickly, they will leave in search of a better online experience. These consumers will usually go to and purchase from a competitor.

Custom Web Design That Works for Your Business

The most attractive and engaging website will not appeal to consumers, however, if they cannot find the site to begin with. Active Web Group’s award-winning design team understands which custom web design features work and those that will not when designing for both clients and their website users. When creating a unique client design, Active Web Group keeps SEO best practices in mind to facilitate increased revenue and ROI to align with your overall digital marketing strategy.

After all, it is not enough to have an attractive and easily navigable site. It’s essential that visitors/shoppers convert to customers. AWG’s websites are designed to lead your prospects down the sales funnel with well thought-out content, facile site navigation and cogent calls-to-action.

Increasingly, our clients are seeking more control over site maintenance. They want to make updates on the fly and ensure that promotional material is uploaded in real time to dovetail with sales events. Active Web Group can ensure your site is easily updatable with an intuitive Content Management System (CMS). These CMS are easy to learn and easier to use.

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Whether your business is a start up or a well recognized global organization, our custom website designers will deliver your strongest brand image to your clients. Allow Active Web Group to properly highlight your products and services with an easily-navigable layout and increase relevant traffic with effective, lead-generating content.

For a sampling of sites we have created for our clients, click here. You’ll feel confident that Active Web Group will develop an online presence that’s unique to your business and will serve its directives well. The professionals at Active Web Group will work with you to achieve the competitive advantage your business needs, with a mobile-friendly design and well-executed supportive marketing strategies such as SEO. We’ll determine your exact needs and create a comprehensive digital marketing plan to give you a profitable custom web design and a measurable Return on Investment (ROI).