Search Engine Optimization White Papers

AWG’s digital marketing team wants business decision-makers to be as well-informed as possible about how our services will benefit your online enterprise. Our SEO White Papers provide insight into how each discipline can be harnessed for an optimal outcome. We invite you to read these documents, then speak with our professionals to determine the best customized strategy to achieve your immediate goals to level-up for greater long-term success.

6 SEO Fixes For Your Website in 2021

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO), aka an organic search campaign, is imperative to achieve online business goals but also for eCommerce and lead gen sites to become profitable. Our white paper compiles the essential SEO fixes to make to your site this year to remain competitive and to grow your market share.

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Determining the Best Budget for Your SEO Campaign

An online business without a customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign will find it difficult, and likely impossible to remain solvent. Search Engine Optimization initiatives drive relevant site traffic, influence conversions, and increase ROI. Download our white paper to learn more about how to find the ideal balance when determining your company’s SEO budget.

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How Do Search Engines Locate My Website?

It is important for every online business to be ‘found’ by search engines. Even household name businesses need their websites to rank well on Search Engine Results Pages (S.E.R.P.s) to attract every possible prospect to their online store. The purpose of this white paper is to explain the how and why of this process. This way online business owners will be better informed as they seek to partner with a digital marketing agency to manage and maintain the success of their online enterprise.

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