Internet Marketing is an industry that evolves constantly. First sites had to be scalable. And for years they have had to be SEO-friendly. Trending now: new sites must be flexible enough to support multiple site formats across different platforms: mobile, tablet, etc.

There are numerous ways for mobile users to access your site- a mobile browser, a mobile-ready version of your site, even by downloading an app your company has developed for this specific purpose. This posting will focus on one of Active Web Group’s newest and fastest growing services, creating mobile website versions from existing online business sites.

What’s Paramount

The credo for every mobile site should be pulled from that 1980s acronym: K.I.S.S (”Keep it simple, Stupid!”) The point being, do not replicate your mobile site with every parent site feature. That creates clutter and clutter creates navigation hazards and a frustrating user experience. And you do not want your customers to have a frustrating user experience!

What to do? Focus on the information your customers need to make a purchasing decision. And nothing else. If you sell outdoor displays, do not feature your full catalog on your mobile site. If it is summertime, upcoming and fall season items should be available. When the leaves fall, only winter and spring merchandise should be accessible.

Same Old Same Old

What makes a parent site functional should be taken into consideration for a mobile site as well. No Flash openers and no pop-ups. In short, by accessing only two or three screens your customer should be presented with the information required to make a purchase.

Simple design is crucial. Easy to see = Easy to use. Logos and branding elements from the parent site may be used throughout the mobile site. Keep these scaled back so that the user knows where he or she is without a billboard sized reminder that literally eats valuable small screen real estate.

Can You See Me Now?

Make interaction easy. Does your text display fully on the screen? If not, how prominent are your scroll bars? Be sure to make links and radio buttons larger than normal so these may easily be clicked. And be sure to track user experience. Ask your customers for feedback in exchange for a 10% discount on their next order…they will help you make your site more effective.

Testing and Tracking Your Mobile Site

Just as you would test your new parent site design across different browsers, try to test your mobile site on as many different phones and tablets as possible. It is so important that your site appear correctly on every device by every user. There are many ways to do this including specific mobile website testing tools. Google to find a selection and test until you find the right one for your specific needs.

Tracking your mobile site metrics faces a major challenge: nearly every mobile browser blocks third-party cookies, thereby preventing most analytics programs from working. There are first party tracking systems available at cost which do not create this situation and may be worth the investment.

Or you can just call Active Web Group. We craft site solutions for businesses who recognize that as in the Who song from decades ago, the world is “going mobile.” Take your business to the next level with Active Web Group today!

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