Increase Your Market Share with Consistent Online Marketing

The Internet is here to stay. More people than ever before are using the Internet to research hotels and choose their travel plans. In fact, some studies have found that 76 percent of people traveling for business rely on the Internet. Having a well designed website will allow you to take advantage of this growing development and increase your business.

While creating the right website may seem too costly, the return on investment is well worth it. A website that is easy to navigate and accurately displays the features of your hotel will allow customers to feel an emotional tie to your establishment. Be sure to include pictures, maps, videos and customer recommendations on your website. These will help customers understand why your hotel is perfect for them.

When creating a website, you must focus on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Most people use a search engine to find hotels, 85-95 percent to be precise. Think about your Internet use. Don’t you typically start with the top of the first page? Your hotel may be beautiful, but if hundreds of others show up before it, people may never know.

Cover all the bases when it comes to SEO. Check SEO options for more than the home page. SEO may include videos, maps and other images, so make sure that you use several different outlets. You should also keep the information on up-to-date for any online business listings that you have.

No matter how brilliant your advertising campaign is, word of mouth is still essential to keeping your business strong. Develop positive relationships with your customers to ensure repeat business and new clientele. Part of this is being honest in your advertising. Do not oversell the amenities on your property. You should also seek out feedback from you customers in the form of email and comment cards. Fix problems quickly, and do everything in your power to maintain glowing reviews.

An Internet presence must be monitored. Examine your website statistics to see what changes you need to make to drive sales. The number of visitors, pages visited most, visit duration, referring URLs and keywords will give you insight to what is drawing customers and what is not.