Recent years have shown a significant increase in the use of email marketing campaigns by both major corporations and small businesses. As new email marketing trends continue to emerge, the practice is expected to grow another 15% this year.

But companies must be ever vigilant in how they approach email marketing, including message content, managing targeted email lists, and tracking the effectiveness of each campaign, whether it consists of a single email message or multiple messages throughout a period of time.

Because email marketing is cost-efficient and low-risk, it is fast becoming a favored marketing strategy over many other online marketing solutions, such as PPC or SEO. However, it can be a wasted effort if a company’s email messages are not constructed properly, or if they are simply blanketed across a single list without proper study of the target market. Additionally, many messages may not even make it to their intended recipient, as most email programs offer users wider control over message filtering.

An effective email marketing campaign can yield a high ROI and be a worthy investment. The most effective email campaigns are typically comprised of messages that contain creative, engaging content, as well as clear, concise information, and a method for allowing readers to make a further commitment to receiving your messages or visiting your corporate website.

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