For online retailers and consumers, it’s been no big surprise that email marketing has been the online marketing solution of choice this past year, and especially this holiday season. Cost-effective and quick, email marketing was utilized heavily by thousands of online companies, and their efforts gathered momentum in recent months as they vied to increase brand awareness and and capture consumers during the holiday shopping season.

But social media marketing has also entered the picture in a big way this year, and an increasing tide of companies are quickly realizing the online marketing potential. Both email marketing and social media marketing are forecasted to increase in 2010, especially for small business, to whom the cost efficient marketing solutions hold wide appeal.

A recent survey by VerticalResponse Inc. provides evidence of this, stating that “74.1% of respondents plan to increase their use of email marketing and 68.3% will increase their use of social media in 2010.” The complete details of the small business online marketing spending plans survey can be found on MediaPost.