Those who write for the web and those who market their company, product or service online have no doubt heard of and probably utilized Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While there are many who swear that SEO is the primary factor inherent in any Internet Marketing endeavor, there are many more who remain wary and even untrusting of the complex technique, especially with so many self-proclaimed SEO gurus populating the Internet these days.

Construction Book Express, a company that has provided builders, designers and construction professionals with building codes books and additional related products since 1998, recently saw firsthand that SEO is no joke when utilized correctly by experienced SEO professionals.

Construction Book Express’ initial foray into the competitive world of eCommerce was rather successful. Their website,, pulled 60,000 unique visitors per year and averaged a web sales figure of approximately $400 thousand per year.

But the company knew they could do even better. After a consultation with Active Web Group, Long Island’s leading full-service web marketing agency, Construction Book Express realized and understood that integrating SEO content into their website would likely yield the results they were after.

The SEO experts at Active Web Group assessed Construction Book Express’ business priorities and thoroughly assessed the content of Then they generated a list of relevant keywords and set about optimizing the website content to substantially raise its SEO friendliness in an effort to increase online visibility.

The results were tremendous. Construction Book Express saw their unique visitors increase from 60,000 a year to 2.3 million a year. This also resulted in annual website sales of $12 million! Additionally, the optimization performed by the SEO professionals at Active Web Group helped achieve 3761 first place rankings, which was a 4760% increase in free listing rankings.

Today, Construction Book Express happily enjoys high conversion rates obtains higher search engine rankings than Active Web Group has over 60 years of combined experience in Internet Marketing and web design. To find out more about SEO and other services offered by Active Web Group, visit their website at

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