Technology and the ways we use it are constantly changing. Online marketing will change in 2011, and it is important that business owners monitor these changes to stay competitive this year.

Mobile marketing will continue to grow in 2011. The success of Foursquare and use of Facebook Places indicates that mobile marketing and offline marketing will integrate to provide customer reward programs. The increasing use of mobile devices, inexpensive RFID chips and credit card integration will make this process easier to manage.

Social media will change this year. While its usage may not increase, companies will place a greater emphasis on social media than they did in the past. It will focus more on creating a culture that engages customers. Social media will change the way that many people conduct business.

SEO has been thrown around for the past few years, but it will become even more important in 2011. More companies are taking advantage of optimized websites. Small businesses gain a particular advantage by choosing to optimize their websites to certain key search terms that showcase their products and services. Along with increasing SEO, more businesses will choose to invest in online marketing. An online presence is now necessary for the survival of any business, and more energy will be placed in the Internet.

The use of metrics and measurements that gauge the effectiveness of online marketing will rise in 2011. This began last year and will continue to increase in the future as more people strategize their online presence and creating marketing models with measurable achievements. However, the ability of companies to track their progress may become harder as privacy issues take center stage. Government policies may intervene and make tracking more difficult.

More companies will integrate their websites with social media. They will add features of social media to their web designs. This will allow them to control their brands while engaging their customers on a personal level. As websites develop, shopping online will change. Customer feedback and algorithms will streamline online shopping and improve the experience.

Online publishing will increase as the cost of printing becomes unsustainable. Many publishers will endeavor to do more online, and the shift will be difficult. This year will test the staying power of most publishers.

2 Responses to Internet Marketing Changes in 2011

  1. Kevin O'Rourke says:

    Great post, the trend is definately going the way of mobile and social media, even the company i work for are going online in a big way and this is unheard of!

  2. Ozio Media says:

    It’s important for businesses of any size to stay current with online marketing trends and to be able to track how effective their online marketing strategies are. As 2011 progresses the influence of social media and mobile marketing is sure to rise. Businesses that are not optimizing their websites and blogs with SEO risk falling behind. Driving traffic to your website, creating client interaction and conversions are all necessary in order to gain a profit and more businesses should strive to do so.