Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to put a geographical focus on your target audience’s online search results. This will help bolster your online visibility for brand new customers as well as cultivate a loyal, repeat customer base. Local SEO does the heavy lifting, increasing your business’s exposure and netting you a better return on investment than ad campaigns or other expensive marketing initiatives.

When a local spin is put on your SEO, it involves adapting your website content and criteria specifically for local searches. This will also involve utilizing other offsite tools such as a Google Places page or local listings which contain your address and related keywords based on your location, increasing the effectiveness of your local SEO campaign.

Here are some great examples of effective local SEO techniques for increasing community awareness, improving your ease of searchability and broadening the scope of visibility for your business:

  • Spend some time with a popular search engine doing keyword research on your business or industry. What is the most effective keyword or keyword combination for you? If you’re a pizza place in East Patchogue do potential customers search for “East Patchogue pizza” or “pizza in East Patchogue”?
  • Build a rapport with your audience on sites like Yelp or Local.com. User reviews are great for building your reputation, assessing feedback and improving search engine rankings.
  • The web is a very visual place; viewers of your site will be far more pleased to see beautiful high-resolution images, rather than tiny thumbnails. Incorporate your main keyword in your image title to help bolster your search engine rankings.
  • Get listed! Online business directories such as Google Maps are vital for local Search Engine Optimization. You can get found on Google free of charge by starting with Google Places for Business.

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