If you’re targeting the twenty-somethings, you will have to disregard the old tried and true weekly circulars or direct mail pieces. These folks don’t look to the Sunday paper for great deals and discounts. Rather, they probably are checking their text messages for the best concert tickets available.

As evidence of this phenomena, note the recent presidential campaign. To make an early announcement of his vice presidential pick to his loyal supporters, one of the candidates sent them a text message in advance of the formal media release. Supporters got it. So should today’s marketers.

It has been estimated that nine in ten college students own a mobile device. Over 50% of those report that text messaging is their chosen form of everyday communication.

These Consumers Cannot Be Ignored.

It is important to note that twenty-somethings, whether in college or not, will someday soon become the coveted demographic. And, most marketers understand that reaching them now makes selling them later infinitely easier. Investing in youth always has been the most reliable road to building brand loyalty, and it likely will not change. Therefore, anyone selling anything will need to integrate mobile marketing into their mix.

Make Them Participate In Something

Let’s say, for example, you sell high-end running shoes and you decide to run a promotion offering a discount. Rather than merely publicizing the sale event on your website, enhance the promotion by asking consumers to send a text message, perhaps voting on their favorite style. For example, “We’re taking 20% off. Text message us before midnight and receive another 10% off.” Not only will your target audience feel they’ll get a better deal, but they also will feel you are reaching them in a way they understand. You are “getting” them, and it is that direct connection with the consumer that enhances your image in their minds, and makes them come back for more, years later when they have more disposable income.

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Whatever You Do, Make Sure You Stand Out

Don’t make the mistake of under-utilizing mobile marketing. Make sure the entire strategy is compelling, captivating, and breaks away from the hundreds of other mobile messages these consumers receive everyday. Couple it with hip web advertising, make the offer valuable to them, and make sure to have a mechanism in place to capture their information. You probably will want to contact them again real soon.

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