The prospect of opting out of marketing campaigns has been a hot topic as the reach of Internet Marketing has become ever greater. It’s easy enough to accomplish this in an e-mail campaign: just click unsubscribe. But what are your opt-out options when browsing the web? Most browsers feature a ‘Do Not Track’ button, but even though this mechanism was created to allow users to shed the watchful eye of advertisers, clicking on it has no effect. After nine months of debating how the button will work, an agreement on what “tracking” means and what the scope of it includes still hasn’t been reached. The button will stay stagnant and ineffectual until an agreement on its functionality is met.

The stalling of the ‘Do Not Track’ button’s operation is actually great news for advertisers and marketing agencies. Remarketing is a hot new way for them to track their customers in a meaningful and unobtrusive way in order to provide them with solutions in the form of goods and services. So what is remarketing? It’s an intuitive target marketing campaign that not only shows customers the thing they’ve already shown interest in, but it also isn’t tied to the rules of PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, which is a boon for advertisers.

The way these structured ad campaigns work is best illustrated by a customer’s purchase process: Customers do their research, narrow down options, place an item in the shopping cart, then purchase that item. At least, that’s the ideal scenario. If the customer abandons this process before its completion, remarketing helps to bring the option back to them. It knows when users have been to the target site and employs relevant advertisements on other websites the potential customer travels to afterward. This reinforces the presence of not only the right brand, but also the product or service the prospective consumer has shown interest in.

Another benefit of this type of branding and marketing done via Google is that there is no fee unless the customer clicks the banner ad, much like the way Google Ads works. Other providers of this service may still use the CPI (cost per impression) model.

Much like sending a specifically-tailored resume for a specific position instead of taking a shoot-from-the-hip approach, this is a powerful way to engage your target audience with more effective results. The highly relevant ads and offers can be spread across the web improving both your brand recognition and ROI (return on investment).

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