Nearly every day, I receive multiple tweets touting the next new brilliant piece of Twitter-related software, Twitter apps, add-ons, Twitter website directories, etc. Some of these are quite useful. Some should be ignored, along with the person who continually tweets about them.

One app in particular that caught my attention is SocialOomph (originally called TweetLater), a highly useful tool developed to increase productivity and enable automated tweeting.

While the ability to set scheduled tweets is probably the most useful and popular function of SocialOomph, it has many additional features that make this Twitter app a must-have for any serious Tweeter.

SocialOomph is available as freeware or as a professional account for $29.97 per month. The freeware version allows complete control over setting up scheduled tweets, as well as keyword tracking, automated welcome DMs and automated following/unfollowing, unlimited Twitter accounts, and more.

The professional version expands the power of SocialOomph to allow automated keyword searches, spam account filters, grouping channels, DM management, and much more. For a complete listing of all the features, visit the SocialOomph website.

You might not necessarily need all of the features that SocialOomph offers, but the free version is worth it just for the automated tweets. There are many times when my work schedule does not permit me to tweet about important updates regarding blog entries, news articles, press releases, etc. If I know I’m not going to be available to do Tweet manually, a few simple settings on the SocialOomph console is all it takes to schedule my tweets for the following day, or beyond if desired.

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