Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has received quite a bit of attention recently. Given the evolution of technology and Internet use, it is important for small business owners to pay attention to Search Engine Optimization trends and use them wisely in 2011.

Both SEO and pay per click advertising (PPC) allows small business owners to retain a competitive online presence. The Internet is continually changing as is the way customers search and shop online. New trends such as mobile search are altering the way people conduct business. Smart phones and mobile Internet access should be addressed as mobile search continues to rise when compared to traditional searches.

Social media is another tool that is essential to the growth and success of small businesses. 2011 will show more emphasis on social media marketing and networking because it is a cost effective way for companies to connect with their customers and clients.

The next year will bring changes to search engines and Search Engine Optimization. Improvements will continue, and the market will continue to progress. Most of the search market already belongs to Google, Bing (who recently came under fire for using information from Google to provide their search results) and Yahoo. However, the percentage of individual search engines in use is expected to rise in the near future.

As the market becomes more competitive, expect to see marketing become more aggressive. Websites will need to fight to keep their positions in their markets. Be prepared to budget for a strong advertising campaign in order to retain your customers and find new ones.

Customers are expecting their online shopping to become easier and more convenient in the future. For example, they are expecting their merchandise to be delivered immediately after it is purchased online. Considering the way systems are being streamlined and the changes that webmasters are facing, their ideas may become reality.

Expect to see another increase in Internet businesses and sales in 2011. The online market is going to become more competitive and business owners need to be proactive about their approach. Monitor the changing trends and keep up with SEO strategies to discover which actions work well to give your business a competitive edge this next year.

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