selling products onlineI always relate Internet Marketing to selling something. You may be an attorney, who is trying to sell your services, or perhaps you are a manufacturer who is thinking about selling your products direct to the consumer or in limited bulk discount pricing.

In many situations, I will most likely say the answer will be yes. You most likely will be selling something on your website. A very good way to start to play around with the idea is to go to and type in “Keyword Tool”. Click on the first link (it’s always the first one, go figure) and you can use that to get rough search volume estimates of a keyword you are thinking of selling, so that this way you can figure out the theoretical marketing potential will have to play.

If I go to this same keyword tool and type in Running Sneakers, and check off EXACT, under Local Monthly Searches it shows 1,600 (This is the relevant column for U.S. visits). Under that row, you will see other recommendations, such as Best Running Sneakers with a search volume of 590. Now you can start to figure out if you were on the main page of Google with an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy, that amount of traffic you may be exposed to.

Typically we recommend not more than two or three keywords per page to target, so depending on the amount of products involved, you can get a very good idea of your potential.

This is typically the first step that I do, every single time I speak to a new client. I see if they are effectively selling products with website or eCommerce Design, do they have strong call to action messages, and most important, are they getting targeted traffic to the appropriate pages and are their conversion rates at a decent level. All in all, there are many factors to consider, but I will almost always say that you should definitely be selling your products or services on your site as long as you are doing it well, getting targeted traffic, and converting that traffic into revenue for your business.

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