2022 Web Design Trends

As a leading Long Island Web Design company, Active Web Group’s creative team is always seeking to incorporate fresh, effective, clean designs for our clients. Our goal is to utilize the unexpected visual effect that takes site visitors on a personal journey that culminates in a sale or lead and inspires a return site visit. Here are five of our favorite design elements that we’re incorporating into our client sites this year to assist them in achieving their online business goals:

The Strong Silent Type of Hero

New York web designers are turning away from photo carousel elements in the all-important hero section of the home page. In the past, most site designers opted to use stock photos in this space. The result was unconscious overuse of the same images industry-wide which created a homogenized impression on visitors. To have a standout home page, keep the hero section clean and its messaging obvious using color, shape, varied sizes, and typefaces. An inspired layout will also assist in making the brand statement clear, and simple. This allows visitors to quickly read/understand messaging and scroll down to the next phase of their site journey.

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Get Wordy with Type

Especially if your site uses stock photos, one of the biggest web design trends for 2022 is the use of larger typography. Here’s a great chance to mix things up visually, yet simply- instead of putting a caption under an image, run the caption over the image for heightened visual effect and greater reader interest.

Mix Your Media

Want to be a Long Island web design standout? Do the unexpected: Graphs and charts do not have to be conventional or ho-hum. Give them the new razzle-dazzle by creating abstracted images. Change the viewers’ perspective – for example, instead of left to right, consider a graph that views top down. See what you can do to make these boring metrics of greater interest to all.


Delineate sections of a webpage to mimic a newspaper or magazine page. Sectioning off important segments of a webpage has always guided the reader to important inner white or intermixed with a variety of colors. To really impress viewers and further delineate page content, code a mouseover color change. Until this web design trend’s widely discovered and overused, think of all the ways you can further your brand with this technique!

Be issue-conscious through inclusive design

One of the biggest movements since the decade began is diversity, equality, and inclusion. First seen trending in New York web design, the importance of incorporating gender-neutral design is gaining traction across the U.S. That means designers must further gender equality by creating a ‘baseline of accessibility by all”. This means thinking past societal cliches that associate certain colors only with women or some elements such as biker logos as representational of a type of male. Unless the target market is one specific audience, consider everyone when designing to make a brand and/or its products more accessible. Besides, it’s just the right thing to do!  

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