A lot has been said about the subject of email marketing, and numerous tips, tricks, and techniques have discoursed throughout the Internet on blogs, forums, and web marketing companies. But more often than not, the subject matter focuses on the content of the email and fails to address a critical factor that may render your entire email marketing campaign ineffective, no matter how outstanding the content of your emails might be.

Step One to Better Email Marketing: Write an Effective Subject Line

Pay close attention to this step. A compelling subject line is often the decisive factor regarding whether your email is viewed or simply deleted. Depending upon the subject of your email and your intended target market, there are different approaches to creating effective subject lines in your email marketing campaign.

You don’t want to write a whole paragraph for a subject line, but you don’t want to be too vague either. What you certainly want to consider is whether or not you want the recipients of your email to act; certainly, you want them to open your email, but what next?

Utilize motivational words that encourage the recipients to act, with the implication that either they only have a limited time to do so, or they will receive some sort of benefit if they do (or both). For example: “Increase Your Website Traffic with Pay Per Ranking!” This subject line denotes excitement and importance, as well as a benefit.

You’ll also want to make sure to revise your subject lines occasionally. Using the same subject line at a future point in time within the same target market leaves it open to the chance that many will recognize it and delete it, even if the content might be different.

Step Two to Better Email Marketing: Focus on Service

A technique used in many email marketing campaigns has been to focus on providing some informative content, followed by a sales pitch. This is fine if your email is set up as an informative newsletter, providing industry-related news and information, but if the main point is simply to sell a product or service, let the recipient know right away.

Most consumers don’t take the time to read emails thoroughly, nor do business-to-business prospects; they are simply to busy to read every single email they receive from beginning to end. If you wait until the end of your email to announce your sales pitch, you are taking a chance on the recipient having already lost interest and moved on before even realizing you are selling a product or service.

Let the recipients know upfront what you’re offering, why they need it, what benefits will they receive, and how do they purchase it (or how they can find out more about it).

Additionally, focus on special offers or promotions for loyal customers, and elements for enhanced customer satisfaction, such as special welcome messages for new customers (along with possible special offers), and customer satisfaction surveys.

Step Three to Better Email Marketing: Keep it Simple

Content is important. The message is important. Overdoing in an effort to make your email stand out is not as important, especially when the message gets lost amidst too much information, graphics, and pictures, or tacky, overdone verbiage. (This goes for the subject line as well; avoid using words that are often associated with spam, like “FREE!”)

Additionally, overuse of graphics can cause your email to encounter delivery problems, and never reach the recipient at all.

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